Friday, 1 March 2013

the carnival of life

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The night carnivals in Tenerife were fun and debauched, but the daytime ones were somehow even more fun. People of all ages in costume, roving groups of musicians and queens, grumpy children in costume accompanied by parents who seemed to be having a better time than they were (might have to do with the bottle of rum and coke stashed in the stroller, techno-dancing in the mean square... and all that was just Sunday!

We also ate well:

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ridiculous portions of chorizo and barbecued ribs the first day sent Amandine and I straight back to our hotel for a siesta.

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Papas al pobre kept me more or less coherent mid-party...

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And I wanted, but didn't quite let myself have, a dulce de leche stuffed churro. Sooon....

On Saturday, we went to the neighboring town of La Laguna, which had pretty colonial architecture:
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But yeah, it was all about the madness on Sunday. My favourite moment actually went unphotographed: as Amandine and I crossed the park near our hotel on Sunday morning, still bleary-eyed, one of those miniature park trains went by, absolutely bursting at the seams with drunken revelers from the night before. This was about 11 am, but they were still smiling, still singing, and still joking with bemused bystanders. I have no idea who was driving the train. Meanwhile...

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I was Little Red Riding Hood in a headpiece made for my friend Anna by her grandmother when she was three years old!

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Amandine making friends

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And then we had a little nap in the park in the sunshine, and I trundled off to get my plane back to Barcelona

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Adios Tenerife! See you next year! (Although next year, I'm kind of thinking Rio...)


Anonymous said...

Aww the little children look so cute with the costumes! And chorizo? yummie!

Cee. ♥

Closet Fashionista said...

Haha woahh!!!! So much craziness, haha

Natalie Suarez said...

so cute babe!! looks like so much fun! xx

ARP said...

Wow, those dulce de leche stuffed churros look absolutely amazing! Just seeing a picture of them makes me drool!

I love the sense of comradery one feels with everyone at a celebration like this. You really captured this sentiment well in your pictures. Looks like so much fun!

irene wibowo said...

wow.. great pictures! it's so awesome! ;)

Irene Wibowo

bruixilda said...

I love it! and yes, wearing my hat I realize we're really sisters! next year Rio, yeshhhhh

Ashley said...

It's all about that little lion and little Mario. I love!

AlittlebitUnique said...

Looks like such an amazing day!

A little bit Unique


Kezzie said...

OOooh, how much fun!!! It all looks so so colourful!x

Bas said...

I discovered you blog recently and have read through every one of your posts, I'm suffering from itchy feet so loving every word and picture.

I read that you stayed in South Africa for a while? I could not find anything else on your stay there. I am from Cape Town so would love to know where you stayed and what your experience was like!

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

Your Carnival photos are exquisite, Emily! They really give off that properly crazy vibe you mentioned in your previous post. I love when photos have such life and vibrancy to them.

Rubies and Emeralds said...

Wow, these pictures are so fun!!!