Wednesday 29 January 2014

amsterdam break

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Leaving springlike Barcelona for shivery Amsterdam in January might seem to be backwards way to take a holiday, but that's just what Victor and I did last weekend. We stayed with friends and bundled up, then spent our days moving between cafés and museums and anywhere that had Glühwein.

This was my fourth visit to Amsterdam but the first one in winter. I found it a bit hard going (if I ever go back to Canada I'm going to die I think) but that the rewards made up for it: fewer people, less chaos, an equal number of murderous cyclists, and endless excuses to eat cheese and apple pancakes (ever since my first trip, ten years ago, when a Dutch family introduced me to this flavour combination, it's been the only one I order).

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I had the most delectable cherry-infused gin

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Monday 27 January 2014


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My lack of an internet connection is getting on my nerves a bit, when I desperately have to send something into work or when I realize that I have at least five blog posts lined up but no chance to post them. I realize that no one is bothered about this except me, but I hate lack of continuity... The increased reading, cooking and talking time at home is all good though.

Anyway, first off, these pictures from a gorgeous Romanic bridge near Girona from oh... months ago. November, possibly. In any case, consider them a bridge to a (hopeful) onslaught of catching up!

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Pictures 2 and 4 by Amandine, #5 by Víctor.

Friday 10 January 2014

january simplicity

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I think every January I come trotting out on the blog in a super-basic outfit going on about how, after sneaking Christmas cookies out of the freezer for a month and drinking liters of wine, plus wearing velvet, sequins and so on, I'm all about a bit of simplicity. This year is no exception, and this is one of my favourite outfits, which I've been wearing in one form or another since November. These days, except to go to work, I barely stir off my sofa or out of my fluffy red dressing gown, so it was nice to get dressed, go for a mid-week lunch and take some pictures for a change.

Happy 2014 all!

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Photos by Víctor