Wednesday 30 October 2013

artistic endeavours

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My boyfriend, Víctor, recently decided to mount a small exhibition when he found himself paying rent in two places for a month. He converted his old flat into a gallery, and put together an artistic exhibition about history, manipulation, public memory, and politics, with a healthy dose of fiction.

A few of us went the day before to put it all up, and the light in the suddenly empty space was so magical that I wanted to share the pictures.

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Blouse by Family Affairs

Sunday 27 October 2013


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I generally try to avoid making excuses for why I haven't blogged but I'm just going to say: moving. no internet. computer passed out (again). followed by a nice round of hysterical cyber-bullying. Anyway, I'm back.

A birthday in three parts: the first, a heavenly dinner with enough wine that I didn't notice the clock ticking me into a new decade.

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The second: a birthday picnic in my new apartment before we brought the furniture in. I'll give you a proper tour when the last box has been broken down. On this occasion, we put blankets on the floor and I enjoyed no fewer than FOUR birthday cakes.

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Alicia, who made me a wonderful little wooden birdhouse necklace!

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The guest book!

The third: a quiet home-made dinner with two close friends who couldn't make the party, with chocolate brioche and warmth and laughter and yes, very red light!

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I was worried I'd feel sad being away from my family but really, it's just another birthday, and I couldn't have felt more loved in the home I'm building in my adopted city.

Saturday 12 October 2013

birthday flowers

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One minute I´m posting up a storm, and the next thing I know work, birthdays, moving and the general chaos of life have taken over. I hope to share my birthday party and my new flat (pre and post move) with you as soon as possible, and none of the work part!

In the meantime, I turned 30 last week, and here I am bleary-eyed but happy on my birthday morning.

And a Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadians out there!

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Thursday 3 October 2013

when giants walked the land...

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Do you ever have that feeling when you walk into a cathedral, and you're a bit awestruck, but you know it's just architecture, but you wonder how you might have felt about it walking in 600 years ago, with the ideas and prevailing beliefs of the day? How the vaults soaring above your head really would have seemed to be reaching to heaven, and how the air would be heavy and cold with mysticism?

When the parade of giants came through Barcelona during the La Mercè city festivals, I couldn't help but wonder how the people hundreds of years ago must have felt watching them, and the giant eagles and underworld monsters that are also part of the festivities, go by.

People still turn out in force, from children sitting on their fathers' shoulders, to grandmothers watching from their balconies...

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gratuitous shot of me drinking coffee to show off my hair

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