Saturday 29 June 2013

mint tea and couscous

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Last week I went to Fez, Morocco, for a grand total of two days (flights were cheap, I´ve been wanting to go to Morocco forever, etc. etc.) It was amazing! I´ll show you monuments and street views tomorrow, but meanwhile, enjoy some of the tastes!

Freshly squeezed orange juice for less than a dollar, tagine, coucous, breakfasts in tiled riads, honey cookies (can´t believe I didn´t get a picture of those), fried egg and potato sandwiches, street stands with delicious fish and sandwiches and hungry cats, hungry cats everwhere, fresh fruit, and mint tea with sugar, sipped while gazing into the hustle and bustle of the ever-moving marketplace.

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There were also a bunch of cats inside the restaurant on the second floor, they came in via the balcony and no one seemed to want to kick them out.
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Saturday 22 June 2013

electronic picnic

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I feel like a broken record going on about my long absences all the time, but in this case it´s my laptop that´s broken - for real this time - which is making everything from blogging to writing to talking to my family on skype a total pain. To fix it or to replace it... I still haven´t decided.

Anyway, these photos are from the electronic picnic, and event that takes place every Sunday of the summer in a park in Barcelona. There are DJs and electronic music and you bring your own food (and in our case, vermouth smuggled in as Coca Cola). For all that, it´s a child friendly event; there are lots of families. The day we went it threatened rain, but we camped out under the trees for the duration of the shower, and then climbed the trees, and then went to dance with everyone else. You can also play volleyball, or badminton, or simply pass out on blow-up mattresses, but the tree climbing was probably my favourite part!

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P.S. Skirt by Family Affairs and top by Q´s Daydream

Thursday 6 June 2013

the hols

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Summer has finally arrived in Barcelona, so I feel the need to finish up the England pictures quickly and consign sweaters to the dust-bin of memory. Actually, they've all been sent back to Canada, so it's just as well it decided to get warm here.

Anyway, Whitby and surroundings, home of stunning sea vistas, giant Yorkshire puddings, Goth Weekend, and the peculiarly Yorkshire sense of humour.

It looks like this up close:
 photo DSC_0450_zps43064071.jpg

And like this from afar:
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 photo DSC_0409_zpse02e481f.jpg

Giant Yorkshire pudding with gravy:
 photo DSC_0482_zps7ae3e2a3.jpg

Enjoying Cornish Pasties with Mo and Sho in York
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 photo DSC_0169_zpsa451914c.jpg

Goth Weekend! I don't think I'd ever been before. Basically Goths and Steampunks come from all over the country/world to get dressed up and parade through the picturesque streets.
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The only people more in evidence than the goths are the photographers and their big lenses.
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My dad celebrated his birthday in famous local restaurant The Magpie Café
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 photo DSC_0060_zps37c08f78.jpg

Where I had the best Halibut of my life.
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We went for a walk in the woods and found a ruined castle
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 photo DSC_0283_zpse7731b28.jpg

And night fell, and then we went to Glasgow for two days but I didn't take many pictures because I was too busy visiting old friends and eating bacon sandwiches and dying my hair red. :P
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Outfit post coming, long-suffering fashion readers!

Monday 3 June 2013

moorland ramblings

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Ok, after saying I was back, my computer died (temporarily, it seems to be doing ok at the moment) and now it's getting ridiculous how old and unseasonal some of these pictures are, but I'm going to post them anyway.

These are from walks in Yorkshire with my family. My sister Morna and I were gearing up to do an 8 day chunk of the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain afterwards, so were trying to get our legs used to walking/break in our hiking boots in my case.

Every time I write about my dad's corner of the world I sound like a broken record but, in brief, the scenery is just my favourite ever, and I love rambling through the sparse but complex landscapes. My only complaint is the wind, which really takes a chunk out of you sometimes, but we lucked out weather-wise, not much rain and fairly pleasant temperatures. Actually, the last several times I've been to Yorkshire we've lucked out... I'm beginning to think all this complaining about the English weather is a conspiracy...

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