Friday, 13 September 2013

dressed like a botanical garden

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One of my last days in Montreal found me wandering amongst giant leafy sculptures at the Mosaïcultures Internationales at the botanical gardens. It. was. crazy. I loved the elaborate, frequently mystical works, and the fast that it was a grey, muggy day just made the experience more fastastical. A stand out for me were the huge replicas of Easter Island's stone heads in vegetation. An Enya-esque soundtrack made the whole experience a bit strangely Lord of the Rings, but I'll let that pass.

I also borrowed my friend Anna's gorgeous green vintage Austrian dirndl, and blended right into the scenery.

The Mosaïcultures are still on, and while the tickets were (I thought) a bit expensive at $29 for an adult non-resident, you can get in twice on the same ticket and the exhibition was truly bizarre and beautiful.

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Photos of me by my friend Emilie


Marzipan said...

Oh it seems a great place! You are so cute, dear.

Annebeth said...

oh my, how gorgeous is that place?? Like something out of a dream!

Mrs. Yohapushpam Livingston said...

thanks for sharing! very beautiful!

Closet Fashionista said...

Wow! That is so cool! Those are really amazing :)

Kitsune-kun said...

This sounds like an absolute dream! how amazing! and that dress looks really cute on you:)

Photostorming said...

You're so sweet and I just discovered your blog, totally love it :) I don't know why but I always see a winter picture when somebody says Montreal but now it changes thanks to your pics :)

Hugs from Istanbul!

Bekka said...

It looks like such an interesting place to go, I'm glad you got a chance to visit!

Miss Marie said...

Oh wow! These are all so wonderful and I'm so jealous of your adventure. I love gardens anyway, but especially when they're made mystical and secret or splendid in some quirky way. I was excited by the giant mushroom sculptures at Kew Gardens here in London on a recent visit there... but this is just something else!

Hannah said...

Oh my this looks amazing, and you look too adorable in that dirndl xx

Ashley said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! How gorgeous is this?!? I want to go here soooooo badddd

friedenlinde said...

Wow, what an amazing place! And you look perfectly integrated in the surroundings with that cute green dress.

Anna and Marybeth said...

This place looks amazing!! I want to go there so bad!

bruixilda said...

this is a dress of mine and you must delete it. According to the law you can't be showing my things... so start with this, delete Lisbon and Fez... my things are mine... and pay for your things, now that you're generous while exploting me and Joan.
delete... google is aware and the law is on my side.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Listen Anna, show me the law that says I´m not allowed to wear something you lent me on a blog. Show me that law.

And while we´re talking illegal, I recommend you go to the police with your false claim that I hacked your account. You know reporting a false crime is also a crime, right? You know, before that, I thought you must believe all the lies you tell -- but this shows you will just do anything for revenge. I hope you realize what you and Carlota (if she even exists) did was also illegal, and that your ridiculous attempts at writing Spanish like a foreigner just made me and Víctor think that Carlota was South American.