Monday, 27 January 2014


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My lack of an internet connection is getting on my nerves a bit, when I desperately have to send something into work or when I realize that I have at least five blog posts lined up but no chance to post them. I realize that no one is bothered about this except me, but I hate lack of continuity... The increased reading, cooking and talking time at home is all good though.

Anyway, first off, these pictures from a gorgeous Romanic bridge near Girona from oh... months ago. November, possibly. In any case, consider them a bridge to a (hopeful) onslaught of catching up!

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Pictures 2 and 4 by Amandine, #5 by VĂ­ctor.


Teaka said...

What a magnificent bridge indeed! We don't get many of these sights here in Alberta!

Kezzie said...

Yay, Emily!!!!!!!
What amazing shots of that bridge and I love the group shot!
Do come back here when you can, I do miss you!!!x

Sophie Jane said...

Wonderful pictures

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

Your photos are beautiful, this looks like an amazing outing.