Wednesday, 29 January 2014

amsterdam break

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Leaving springlike Barcelona for shivery Amsterdam in January might seem to be backwards way to take a holiday, but that's just what Victor and I did last weekend. We stayed with friends and bundled up, then spent our days moving between cafés and museums and anywhere that had Glühwein.

This was my fourth visit to Amsterdam but the first one in winter. I found it a bit hard going (if I ever go back to Canada I'm going to die I think) but that the rewards made up for it: fewer people, less chaos, an equal number of murderous cyclists, and endless excuses to eat cheese and apple pancakes (ever since my first trip, ten years ago, when a Dutch family introduced me to this flavour combination, it's been the only one I order).

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I had the most delectable cherry-infused gin

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Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

oh look at you posting on the regular...your weekend sounds spectacular and very like you to hop from cafe to cafe to museum to gin. Rich and I are planning a trip to Amsterdam and Belgium in the should probably join us along the way somewhere ;) we're going to be doing brewery tours and joining in with the murderous cyclists haha.
I'm loving the outerwear choices w the classic coat and beret too.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Woah, you guys are coming to Europe? Okay, let's be in touch about coordinating. As long as I have a job (fingers crossed) I definitely see a weekend in Belgium or somewhere happening.

The murderous cyclists are SCARY. Awe-inspiring, but I would be SCARED to join them not having grown up with that kind cycling culture...

Kezzie said...

Sounds great!!!! I can imagine that cheese and Apple would go well together- hmmm want to try!!!

Closet Fashionista said...

I took a vacation the right way last weekend but apparently the weather gods werent with me because it was cold there too! (florida)
It looks so fun there, even if you're cold it was worth it

NRIGirl said...

Hi Emily! Nice to be visiting this page after so long. The awesome pictures are a great reward. Glad to know life is all fun at your side - always. :)

Ali said...

love your photos. I have a cheese & apple quesadilla recipe that sounds like the weirdest thing ever but it's one of my favourite things to have for lunch. good combination!

Ashley said...

And yet another amsterdam post from you that I love. And why didn't I go there when I was in London?!? It was SO CLOSE. haha. Next time!!