Monday, 20 September 2010

anniversaries and a giveaway!


This past week there were two anniversaries of sorts. There was of course the 200th anniversary of independence in Mexico, which was celebrated in grand style here in Guadalajara and elsewhere. Last Sunday was also the much-more-humble two month anniversary of this blog. While obviously not quite as monumental as independence day, it's nonetheless been a whirlwind two months for me. And since the two events coincided, and since I'm leaving Mexico, I thought I'd celebrate with a little giveaway!


This necklace was hand-made by artisans in the North of Jalisco (the state that Guadalajara is located in) and is a typical example of the intricate beadwork of the region. It also features the Mexican national colours: red, white and green, and a few more colours too. I wore it once (think of this as a baptism!) to the 200th anniversary celebrations, and now it's time for this necklace to go to some other country. Or maybe it will stay in Mexico, we shall see!

I wore it with a white blouse with multi-coloured embroidery, but I can also imagine it for fall/winter with a black dress and a colourful scarf, or with anything solid coloured red, black, white, yellow, green or orange!


To enter the giveway, follow Ruby Slipper Journeys via Google or Bloglovin, and leave a comment saying:
1. Which way you follow me, and
2. Something interesting about your country or city (or wherever you live)

The winner will be chosen by random number generator on Tuesday September 28th, which will be my first full day in London.

Good luck everyone and thanks for making my first two months so fun and interactive!



Ayanna Michelle said...
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Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh that is so fun!!! I follow with bloglovin :)
Hmmmm....interesting town has been voted one of the top 10 towns to live in in the US a few times :)

Rio said...

Oooooh yay! I loved that necklace when I saw you wearing it, and I'm so excited that I could possibly win it! :) I follow you through Google and Bloglovin', because you're just that great haha! As for something interesting about my city, it's known in California as being really hippyish and liberal and full of very unique people. Also, it's known worldwide for its awesome surf. :)

Paulie Antiques said...

hello! I have noooo idea of what part of london i'd move to! I want to move so badly, though! :)

Amrit said...


Nice one.

1. I follow on Google.
2. My city was called 'Bed Room' of Raleigh. That was before all migrants from foreign countries and other parts of the USA arrive here. Now it is a vibrant place where people like me enter this giveaway for female they know.

Lenne said...

Your photos look like so much fun! (Then again, all your posts do.)

1. Google
2. Singapore only has 2 seasons- Rain or Shine! Plus we're so tiny you can travel from one end to the other in 2 hours or so.

Alison said...

Very cool necklace! Love the photos too, lovely blog

<3 Alison

Noelle Chantal said...

looks like you had so much fun celebrating the independence in Mexico! and that hand made necklace with intricate beading is so nice. :)

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

eeeeeeeep. i follow you through google. your blog's amazing.

You look so lovely.

something interesting about where i live,
we invented radio :)

Arini Desianti Parawi said...

hi girl, tks for leave comment in my blog.

1. i'm following u now via google and bloglovin!
those necklace really beautiful.

2. i live in Indonesia..we recognized as an archipelago country. we have many beautiful islands..such as Bali. u have to visit bali at leats once in ur life. they called Bali as Goddes Island. Julia Robert made her new film Eat, Love, and Pray in Bali too :)


in Love&Light
Queen D

Abi said...

Lovely necklace! Following you ;)
Toronto is possibly the most multicultural city in the world. Name a culture, and I bet there a little hub nestled in one way or the other, somewhere in the city

Rebecca said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. You look like you have some amazing adventures! Thanks for sharing these photos.

Karen Monardez said...



SG said...

Congratulations on your 2 month anniversary. Looking forward to another 20 years.

1. Follow on Google.
2. San Francisco. Who ever visits San Francisco, will leave his/her heart in San Francisco.

Tilly said...

Eee happy bloggy anniversary! That picture of you is so pretty! :)

Ooohh giveaways are fun he he...i follow you lovely blog via google (as I'm still not quite sure exactly what blogloving is!)

ummm my town really isn't that exciting....I think one of our vegetable shops stock this random rare fruit! But I'm not so sure that constitutes as interesting ha ha xxx

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

Happy blog anniversary! It's been great getting to know you these last two months :)

Thank you for this great giveaway! I've always admired intricate beadwork. Probably for the patience that goes into it!

1. I follow via Google.
2. My town claims to be the only town in the world with its name. I also find some of the early demographics interesting. For example, in the 1790s it ranked in the top 10 largest towns in the US. Now, not so much.

Ooh, England is fast approaching! Wishing you all the best as you get everything in order.

RE: Yes, tea is dangerous when the kettle takes a mind of its own. Also, nice play on the blog name and photograph. I hadn't thought of it right away, but after reading your comment I noticed that it is very resplendent and tranquil ;)

Outofseasonface said...

Such a great necklace!
I follow through google and bloglovin'
You can find someone from just about every South American country in my neighborhood!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


Anthea said...

I have been following you on BlogLovin and I am now following you on Google Friend Connect.

It's so silly, but I am a little sad that you're leaving Mexico! I am going to miss your posts in lovely Mexico.

There is so much interesting things about where I live! You just have to read my blog to find out more!

Imogen said...

I love this necklace it is so unique and I adore all of the colours. Its perfect and it looks fabulous on you. I really want to enter but I'm having troubles following you. I clicked on the follow link on the side of your blog, try and sign in and it says internal error. I guess I'll keep trying. I also linked you on my blog. Link me whenever you get a chance, there is no hurry.

Raquel said...

hey dear, it's quite a lovely necklace! thanks for the giveaway! I follow you via bloglovin.

well about my home town, Coimbra, it has the oldest still functioning university in Europe! and about the town where I currently live, Camara de Lobos, at Madeira Island, it has the highest natality rate in whole Portugal, and we are an aging country!! I couldn't decide which one to refer as my town, so I stated both, the two are in Portugal of course :)

NRIGirl said...

Hi Emily! Nice blog! Interesting posts!

Though I am not much of a jewelry person, just wanted to jot a few lines.

I am originally from Tirunelveli (Southern tip of India) but now live in a beautiful lake community in North western NJ - called Lake Hopatcong. Care to visit here sometimes? You will absolutely love it!

I truly envy your search for the ruby slippers. Are you looking for one or both?

Will follow you to keep track of your searches. It will be through Google.

It's cheerful visiting your blog. Keep it going...

~ NRIGirl

gbgb said...

Hello, Galine here!!
I follow you through my blog (does that mean google? haha) &
I currently live in Seoul so, something interesting about it to me would be:

It has more coffee shops than any city I've ever visited (which makes me happy since I adore coffee;) and the girls always look perfect from head to toe! The gals here were pretty much BORN wearing heels and because of it, they have just done a major fix-up of the sidewalks so women can walk better! :)

Paulie Antiques said...

I follow you on both :)

my country has pretty good vegan restaurants, sometimes :)

love, polly

Anonymous said...

Another newbie here.

I'm from Kansas, the home of the Wizard of Oz. We DO have tornados, but another stereotype about Kansas is that it is flat, flat, flat. It is NOT flat.

Follow on Google.

Diana said...

love this necklace!! i have been following you on both google and bloglovin :) an interesting thing about Boston... i personally love how boston has so many different styles to it - from an old world charm that almost transports you back to european villages in the north end and beacon hill, to AMAZINGLY intricate brownstones, to sleek modern buildings at the next turn. I find myself looking up and admiring the architecture a lotttt :}


Jenny Morris said...

hey! I follow you on blog lovin! I live in Montreal - which is a big - yet small - city in Canada. Last night I went to a show and in between sets i went out for a smoke and ran into friends from so many walks of life that I have met throughout the three years i have been to. i love being able to feel apart of a youthful community in a big city - its very easy to connect with similar groups of rad people just by leaving the front door.