Friday, 7 December 2012

wednesday night and thursday morning




I work half days at my main job, and generally choose to do it in the morning. One day a week though, I like to work in the afternoon, so I can do something interesting on a weeknight and have a leisurely breakfast with a friend with an equally random timetable on a weekday morning.

On a recent Wednesday I went to see my friend Mercè's boyfriend playing a gig in a bar:




And Thursday mornings my friend Aga and I have started working our way through Barcelona's nice breakfast places. Recently, it was café-meets-exhibition space Cosmo...
These kinds of little traditions are definitely what keep the gloomy winter at bay...




photos of me by Mercè and Aga, respectively


rose japan said...

Hola Emily!!! Mui hermoso o lugar!!! Hermoso su vestido

Besos rose jp

Ashley said...

Look at that sophisticated picture of you and your wine! Love <3

Closet Fashionista said...

That is so much fun! Definitely a great way to break up the week :D
(I love that last photo of you)

Monique said...

I agree with Ashley, you look quite classy with that darling dress and glass of wine. I'm with you Emily. I created my schedule where I have three free mornings a week. It makes for fun nights out mid-week, which is the best way to enjoy a night out in NYC,personally. Then there's the morning to recover or enjoy brunch without the crowds.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

@Ashley and Monique: what, and I'm not sophisticated with my coffee?? ;)

Monique, I'm with you. Weeknights out are the best. Weekends always seem to have that whiff of great expectation and reality of overcrowding. Plus, weekday brunch is pure happiness!

ZZ said...

It's pretty awesome to be able to live in a culture where half-days in the workplace are not looked at with suspicion. What's life if you can't smell the roses?

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

@ZZ: Nice as that would be, most people here work 10+ hour days. I work half days because I'm paid for half a day, and I fill it out with the dreaded teaching at lunch times. I still work less than full time, but that's so I can write. Basically, I've chosen more freedom and more poverty over money and misery! :D

Emily P. said...

That's nice that you get to choose what part of the day you'd like to work. You look so poised and elegant with your glass of wine! And exploring Barcelona's cafés seems like a lovely winter tradition. It's good to have something to look forward to every week! x

Kezzie said...

I adore having brunch and breakfast meetups!!!
What lovely photos of you and your friends. That wine one is really pretty! What type of band was it? What did they sing?
Hope you make/made it to the UK ok?! In case you're in London and at a loose end, I have a lovely Christmas choir and Orchestra concert at Holy Trinity, Sloane Square (I'm playing recorder!) Come!(or not!)
Take care

Rachel Hall said...

you are lucky! wish this was me! ;)

love your blog.

x Rach

Anonymous said...

oh I am falling in love with those photo ;)

Rebecca said...

I do wish I had a more flexible working timetable for reasons like this. Nice to not have to be clock watching on a weekday night out and having a leisurely breakfast.

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

The lighting in the bar photos is perfect. It really creates an inviting sense of warmth and enjoyment.

These are great little traditions, Emily. At the moment, my work schedule is fairly accommodating as well. Weekday afternoons make for rather pleasant (and uncrowded) outings.