Saturday 5 April 2014

library of babel

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I think I'm not the only one in this space who loves a good book, so I thought I'd share these pictures from one of the most impressive bookshops I've been in. Perhaps its location makes it seem even's the type of second-hand bookshop you might imagine in a creative corner of a big city...but not in a suburb of a small town a good forty minutes by train from the metropolis. Victor, Rosa and I dragged ourselves out there on a Sunday afternoon to see an exhibition, and our jaws more or less dropped as we walked into an unassuming warehouse. On the inside, old books were piled on tables and in tight rows up to the ceiling and a wooden bar decked out with chandaliers and wooden ladders served (extortionate, every silver lining has a cloud) drinks. You can get a glimpse of it behind me in the first picture. I snagged a copy of Dubliners for four euros and went to town taking pictures.

P.S. Rosa and I have a history of being photographed in bookstores...sometimes even more glamorously!

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Closet Fashionista said...

I don't really read much, but that place looks so AMAZING! I love looking at books, I guess I just get bored of reading them ;)

The Emerald Dove said...

It looks amazing! If I keep collecting books the way I am, my bedroom might look like this (not too a grim a prospect!).

Kezzie said...

Hello Stranger!!! Nice to hear of t
You! I am drooling over it!!! What an Amazing location!!!!

Xavi said...

Where is this library from? I sometimes imagine myself living in a library like that, just in a little corner. So cozy... :)

Anonymous said...

Your scarf and blazer look great, IMO.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Hi Xavi! It's at Mercantic, in Vollpelleres, near Sant Cugat, of all places. The Mercantic is a nice little area, but Volpelleres is basically a hole, with all due respect to people who live there, including some friends of mine. :)

Unknown said...

Looks like a perfect place to curl up and escape in a book x

Xavi said...

Sant Cugat... quina bona pinta el Mercantic. Prenc nota!!

C.G. Koens said...

Awesome! :) Nice to see you pop up in my blog feed, not that I'm on too much myself these days. :) Hubs and I went to Europe in February and stumbled upon Shakespeare and Company, which may not be a secret to folks traveling to Paris, but we stumbled upon it by accident and I fell in love. :)

ana said...

AMAZING PLACE! Is like the Beauty and the Beast's library!