Thursday 8 May 2014

sunshine and words

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Belated pictures from Sant Jordi's, my favourite romantic-literary holiday. I took the morning off (there have to be some advantages to freelancing, working like a mule and seeming never to make any money) to wander with Victor, have breakfast out and buy a truly unjustifiable number of books (but oh! I found one of my favourite books ever, My Family and Other Animals, in English, for 4 euros second-hand, the same edition I had when I was a kid).

I'm posting these now because I'm off to get a haircut. The last time I got my hair cut was in August, when it was pretty fabulous, but that was eight months ago! I don't know why I have to reach a point of total decline to get things done...I finally went to the dentist after my teeth had gone totally yellow from drinking too much tea AND I suspected I might have some problem (thankfully not). I waited until my hand was practically falling off to buy excema cream, avoid going to the doctor. I know procrastination is normal for things that you don't want to do, and economics definitely plays a part in my avoiding things, but it's ridiculous. I'm hoping the hair cut will freshen me up in a few ways, I've noticed the unending hopelessness of my job situation (it's not that bad, freelance projects seem to fall into my inbox on a regularl enough basis, but no "real" job seems even to exist to apply for) has been turning me into a bit of a whiner again, and I'd like to nip that in the bud.

Does anybody else have some trials and tribulations they want to share?

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Photos by Victor


Xavi said...

Trials and tribulations to share… Nothing I suspect. I was waiting for your Sant Jordi post. Your green coat is so beautiful… nice, relly nice. And nice the couple hugging beside you in the last photo. Aaaahhhhh, sighs. :)

Kezzie said...

I am the same!!! My Dentist sent me a reminder to have my teeth checked in September! I know I have tartar and I just need to do something but I procrastinate for England! Same with the haircut- I honestly don't think I've had it cut since September (or it could actually be April last year!!!)x

Anonymous said...

Well, firstly, your greeen ("forest"?) coat and outfit are great, and your hair doesn't need cut unless you want to, it looks super, IMO.

Tribulations? WORK! I'm thankful obviously to be gainfully employed, but feeding the corporate machine often makes me wish for something more meaningful.

Spring there looks to be absolutely spectacular, hope you are enjoying it.

his_girl_friday said...

Your hair is cute now and will probably be even cuter post cut!

Norbyah said...

oh, emily....I really love catching up with you! haven't checked in here for a little while and i'm so pleased to see what you've been up to. congrats on the book publication featuring you as editor! wow! and, your travels....i'm enamored. i know i'm commenting about several posts here, but you know i love your dresses. particularly that green floral one. beautiful.

looking forward to seeing your new haircut. and, don't worry. procrastination gets the best of us!


Monique said...

This holiday feels familiar to me now, because of you. Though familiar still so awesome glad you found some good ones. I'm excited to see your new haircut! I love that Victor caught those people hugging in the last photo.

Annebeth said...

life in general is tough. I feel like all my friends are going through some sort of work related crap, be it having to pour everything into a dead end job that doesn't appreciate what you can do or just not finding enough work/clients as an entrepeneur. I really can't complain, my PhD is going pretty well and I enjoy what I do. I have a fixed income and we've finally reached the point where basically everything is paid off. But the feeling really goes up and down, and it's a very lonely road since doing a PhD is basically something you do on your own, as no one knows your research as well as you do.

Keep your spirits up and take care of yourself! it's important.

Ashley said...

Well, let's see...I'm feeling antsy about being back in my hometown and terribly missing Europe, and subsequently going through some type of crisis!! But I think you warned me about this?? ha.


Unknown said...

beautiful pictures

Tanya said...

I like your tights.