Friday, 24 June 2011

i'm a-travellin' on




These pictures were taken near Albert's work, on the Monday I left Germany. We met for lunch, took a little walk and snapped these pictures, and I headed on to the airport.

Now, I can feel a bit of a theme developing. Last week I posted about lazy outfits occurring more frequently in life than on the blog, and these photos touch on a related issue. I started off with my usual litany of poses, calculated to make me look taller/thinner/like I'm not standing around like a gormless idiot having my photo taken but am really deeply involved in holding onto my ear. Or looking down, to conceal the fact that my eyes look increasingly tired. Well, this day I actually was tired, and the poses kind of fell away. Maybe it was the informality of shooting casually on my little Sony. Maybe because I'd actually been running around all morning running errands, and now I was off for several more hours of travelling and then going straight to my Catalan class from the airport. Whatever. My tired-eyes disguising sunglasses came off, my face assumed a more natural expression, my hair was pretty haphazard to start with, and even my carry-on suitcase crept into the frame.

Blogging is so much an exercise in studied naturalism. Oh, look, I'm photogenically delighted by a cupcake. I was unphotogenically captivated by it for three minutes and thirteen pictures before, but never mind. Now I'm looking cool and craning my head down the street. One inch out of the frame is likely a garbage can.

On the one hand, I like that bloggers take their photo sessions seriously, whether with gorgeous, dreamy photos or half-way attractive poses. I don't need to see the clothes strewn all over your room or the fact that your dress is mysteriously shorter in the back than the front. Nonetheless, participating in this kind of deception makes me wonder. I and my friends have certainly lobbied a lot of criticism at magazines for creating unrealistic standards of beauty, at TV shows for giving the impression that everyone is slim and rich, at fashion designers for making us feel we should be walking clothing rails. Nonetheless, a lot of us, including a number of people who I would consider intelligent and somewhat alternative, reinforce some of these same perceptions and problems, whether by never showing our spots, or by posting pages of "inspiration" of underfed teenagers in lingerie (never had a piece of lingerie until I was probably 22, FYI) reading dog-eared copies of Lolita. Actually, that's probably food for a separate rant.

Any thoughts? Oh, and I'm not saying I'm going to stop doing this sort of thing by the way. I have an upcoming post where I look extra tall and slim, just for you guys!



P.S. Let's share some love for the vine-covered house, the reason I thought Monday lunchtime was a good photo shoot time in the first place. : )

skirt: Spank (Vancouver boutique), vintage shirt: gift from Veronika, Liz Claiborne shoes, handmade bag, sister's anchor necklace, vintage belt, Alberta Ferretti sunglasses, and my carry-on.


Alicia said...

I'm exhausted and don't have much relevant commentary to add, but I really wanted to stop in and say how much I enjoy your blog, especially thoughtful entries like this one. The whole Lolita thing really bugs me too; I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

Anonymous said...

Ha, I'm glad you mentioned the ivy, since that was the main thing I noticed. I think you make a good point that perhaps bloggers DO the very thing we criticize the magazines for, but I always wonder what pictures I should include in order to convey the reality--my toilet with the lid up? A picture of myself fresh out of bed? Or slumped over at my computer?

Marie said...

Beautiful! I love the traditional vine covered house! So romantic.

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
June giveaway

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

@Alicia: Thank you! Hehe, I'll try and rustle up some coherent thoughts on the Lolita thing!

@Terri: I think it's as much about conveying authentic personality as about showing the toilet lid. I definitely don't want to see anyone's toilet, but I guess I was annoyed with myself for wondering if I looked polished enough in these pictures to post them. Considering I almost never look polished if I'm not having my picture taken by prior arrangement. : )

islabell said...

uh. my mind is a muddle about this whole thing some days too. I'm like what the hell am I doing this is so weird!?!?! I walk like a duck in real life not a pigeon. ANyyywaaayyyss. I love these shots and I love that they are more "real" and can we talk about how awesome your nail polish is? yu!

My dad lives in North Berwick, it's on the east coast. The West coast is beautiful, thats where the rest of my family live, in Ayr. Did you live in Scotland for a while or just visit?


Louise, For Sentimental Reasons said...

Thing number one: I really love your plaid shirt! I have a bit of a thing for them, as of late :)
And secondly I do agree, you vocalise very well the whole underfed teenager obsession that goes round the blogosphere - and a lot of the lookbooks which circulate have stick thin models despite blogging supposedly being so accessible and 'real-life' it's nice that you posted these everyday pictures and feel comfortable enough to do so (even though you look perfectly lovely as usual!)

Jenny said...

Traveling lady- your adventures always sound like so much fun! And I agree with you about inspiration posts/ etc. that often incorporate waif thin models. I believe that these are representations of unrealistic standards, and by posting them they only reinforce these ideals. Have a wonderful weekend! xx

NRIGirl said...

Emily! Nice to be visiting you...
Please check out my latest posts. I have an interesting puzzle that will sure puzzle you - and you are in it!

Annebeth said...

have I told you how much I love you? My opinions on the matter are 100% the same as yours, and slightly ambiguous like yours too :) When people nag about me always having the same background I'm like BITCH this is real, I don't have time to go have photoshoots everywhere and I love how this is ME. I don't even want to be perfect. I try to find the good balance between pretty pictures and realness. It is possible to find that balance, especially if once in a while we show the world a bit more, a bit of imperfection. Only makes us more lovable :)

Shybiker said...

I really like the intellectual content of your posts. Discussion like this is interesting and valuable. We all face the dilemma of whether to tweak our appearance and image to look good, or be more natural. I usually do the former 'cause, in reality, I'm less feminine and attractive than a farm-animal.

Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh I love your outfit!! :D :D
And haha, I love your explanation of poses XD
And its so true, the media does really make us thing that everyone is tall and skinny and if you aren't you're not cool...but hopefully the blogging world will change that now that there are girls of all shapes and sizes showing they have style :D

Unknown said...

I completely agree with you! I take my photos in my yard with my camera not on a tripod but on a brick wall. I have had my blog for almost 3 years and i must say I am pretty damn happy with how I have evolved. Yes, I take poses, but mostly to show the outfit off. I am by no means a model. And usually, I have no time to do outfit posts anyway lol. Great post and I love the photos! Cute skirt too!

Sarah Jane R.

Velvet said...

Tired or not you look really sweet.

Regarding to the posing and everything blogging related, I agree with you. I'm not interested at all in girls who behave like "walking closets" as you said some time ago. To begin with I don't really like the word "fashion". Fashion to me means people who decide what you should wear if you want to be trendy or whatever. The most important thing is to feel comfortable and find the style that fits with your personality, not to follow the neverending fashion changes.

Have a nice weekend.

Ashley said...


2. This maybe my favorite post of yours for so many reasons. But I will say, there is something so beautiful about the making of a photograph. I don't really get the sense from you that you are superficial or unrealisitic. On the contrary, you have always layed the truth out on the table.

You are human, of course...don't we always want to look our best/thinnest/prettiest? (Such a vicious cycle to try to achieve this everyday). But what I like about you is that you don't make it your identity. You see the humor in it all, and so I come back to your blog when I'm not usually so into fashion blogs.

Yep, that's all I have to say.

chantilly said...

i totally feel ya. although i'm not slim, rich, perfect, etc... i feel like the photos i post sometimes might lead people to believe that i have this amazing, idyllic life in new york. and like i'm perpetuating the belief that life can be just as simple as a pretty picture.

my life here is so not simple. like everyone else, i go through a lot of struggles and pain to be here. it can be a lot of stress just to shoot photos and make blog posts! but i do it because i love it :)

anywayyy, i do love that plaid shirt. it's like my dream shirt.


Deppa said...

Este post tuvo la cuota exacta de realidad, de inteligencia y de humor :)

Primero que nada la casa luce genial, algo mágica. Segundo me gusta cómo te ves :) Y tercero: al fin y al cabo todos queremos lucir lo "mejor" posible, pero al fin y al cabo no se trata de "construir" la opinión de los otros, sino que de sentirnos perfecto con nosotros mismos :)

Nos vemos linda, que tengas un gran fin de semana!

Natalie Suarez said...

i love ur sunnies! :)

Rebeccak said...

First off - how on earth could you look tired with that amazing shirt AND matching nails (nice detail!)?

I was discussing this with Ian just the other day. He always laughs when I ask him to shoot from a lower angle, or to move into different light for more flattering photos. He keeps insisting on the 'more natural', unposed shots - he says I look the way he likes me in those. I may let him choose and edit pics on our next shoot and have a vote from my readers!
But really for me it is about escapism. As you say - I don't need the world to see my messy desk etc. It is nice to be able to compose and control some little bits of life, but perhaps we should acknowledge the fact they are not reality.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

@deppa: I agree that how you feel is more important than the opinion of others. This whole post started probably, because I actually felt great that day, apart from being tired. I thought I looked awesome. But I felt like the blogworld response might be lukewarm, and tried to identify why that might be...

BLahahaaba said...

I read this and was so happy for a more thoughtful blog entry among all those blogs out there. I myself enjoy reading fashion blogs and have to admit I dont think about them much, but I agree that the initially meant to be normal and every girl and natural thing tends to become just as fashionable and slightly fakeish as in magazines. I am myself not a fashion blogger but after all I do have to admit that fashion entries and inspirations inspire me and usually makes me want to live through a more aware and meaningful day. I dont care if you look skinny or not, anything that shows fun ppl and what they do makes me happy and check in with your blog daily :)
Alicia im Wunderland

Closet Fashionista said...

Yea, its too bad you won't be there when I am now :(

Anonymous said...

For honest words like these is that I love your blog so much, you are great for being real! You shoul share those taller and thinner tips!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Ashley said...

I suppose part of it is wanting to create beautiful photos...I read Vogue only for the photo editorials, not so much for the fashion. But I think a lot of bloggers don't understand that there's beauty in normalcy, in simplicity, and simple human emotions like--wait for it--exhaustion. Or sadness. Or even pure joy. I see a lot of bloggers, including myself, with these stone-cold expressions. Many try their dumb poses out like they're at the end of a high-end runway or actually are modeling for Vogue. Get that effing hand of your hip, I say. Ugh, I hate that. I can see that you're tired in the last few pictures here, and guess what? I like that! I'm trying to think of my blog more like a personal chronology of my life rather than some big fashion statement (because it definitely isn't...). And if I'm only going to post when I'm on my A-game, I'm not going to post very often. And then all of my posts are going to be the same. And I'm going to be boring. And I don't want to be boring. Never.

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

I always enjoy your musings and rants and this one is no exception. A while back I found myself unsubscribing from a lot of blogs that reinforced the unrealistic standards that magazines and other forms media often portray as real. There are others now that I have mixed feelings about. If I'm going to spend time browsing through blogs, I want to be able to relate in some way to the blogger. To find honest, genuine inspiration from real women who aren't afraid to share even their ''meh'' days when it comes to personal style.

That said, a vine-covered house and a plaid shirt (in primary colors, no less!)? Both get two thumbs way up :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you that it is lots and lots of premade poses in most photos on blogs. All in order to look as the certain "idea" of what a girl shall be. I guess, most girls are copying that, because they being raised with that as norm. I don't think people think about it at all, they just do it unconsiously.

I am new to fashion blogging, and I have noticed that I already make this poses...which i think sucks, but I guess people would not read my blog, unless it was all pretty and gorgeous and normal. But to take that edge of, I do make funny faces and so when I take pictures. Maybe one day I dare to show them on my blog also.

Hope you get what I am trying to say. If not, just ask and I try to explain again.

Cel said...

That house is definitely lovely. It's too bad the vines do so much damage to the building, or I'd grow vines like that on purpose.

I think a big part of the fun of fashion blogging is getting pretty photos. We all know that there's probably that garbage can out of frame (or in my case, bags of empty beer cans) but it's pretty, and we can enjoy that. However, there's a fine line between enjoying some pretty photos, and then seeing photos that are so terribly unrealistic. Did you really spend all day wearing that giant feather coat and neon pink tights?

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

These photographs are amazing <3 I love it when plants creep up the sides of buildings! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!


eagle-eye-cherry said...

I would like to visit Germany too.

Michelle said...

Great post. I love to see the comments too.

I don't fashion blog (mainly because I always wear the same thing), but started blogging because it seems everyone has such amazing, exciting, interesting lives and I thought blogging might inspire me to do the same. A friend the other day commented on how exciting my life was (she lives in another country and has been reading my blog) and I realised that a lot of editing about what I post makes my life seem far more "amazing, exicting and interesting" then it probably is. This wasn't a deliberate effort, I just doubted anyone wanted to read about my weekend spent watching bad television. So some editing is inevitable but it is nice when you realise that other people are just 'normal' too.


BECKY MAY said...

Hello, you recently left this comment on my blog:

'I enjoy a simple aesthetic and am coming around to less-is-more (though I feel it's more about limiting the number of clothes than limiting my colour/shape palette. Don't you feel that maybe all this breton-striping and Isabel-Maranting is being a bit derivative though? Dead Fleurette springs to mind...'

I understand where you are coming from, I think lately lots of bloggers have been adopting a 'less is more aesthetic' and many have discovered the french 4-5 pieces a season rule, but are not really carrying this mentality over into other areas of their lives.

I just wanted to tell you that I have indeed limited the amount of clothing I own to the what I consider to be minimal, (something you would know if you had read my earlier posts.) And in the midst of doing so, discovered that the colour palette and cut of the clothes in your wardrobe do matter, because when you have less, the things you do own are worn more and it's vital they last and go together.

I was inpired greatly by Dead Fleurette - I think she is amazing! I wrote to her telling her how much she inspired me not long ago :) But it doesn't mean that I as an individual don't also love breton tops and Isabel Marant. They are popular things for a reason.

Your comment was not meant in an offensive way, I don't think, and neither is this one. I understand with blogs it's easy to just get glimpses into peoples lives, unless you are a long-time follower. So, what I'm trying to say is that before we judge or even try to understand where people are coming from, we should first of all be open minded.


Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

I do wish people who come to take umbrage with something I've said would either send me an email or at least read my post before they rant. Pfff.

Laura said...

The buildings behind you look beautiful with all of those vines. I agree with you about the taller/skinnier/prettiest photos, after reading this I will try to include some more real photos in my blog.

Laura - White Winters

Raquel said...

First I have to say how much I adore your blouse! So sweet of Veronika to give it to you :) I give you a bit of responsibility of my slight obsession with gingham/plaid, after seeing your lovely dress! And couldn't find yet a nice dress, bot oh that multicoloured plaid is darling!

Now, about your thoughts. I completely agree! As far as I do like bloggers that post nice pictures and show amazing places with amazing clothes, I also like people that keep it real! Because perfection, when too much, can be quite boring. And I even was thinking that my blog has turned too much style and less life style lately. I used to post more than just outfits or inspiration but that part of me kept disappearing and I'm now feeling very uninspired and wanting to go back to it lately! Well, but the truth is that I haven't been doing very interesting things lately, summer makes me boring haha!

Oh and I love that house! It's such a great background, but I wouldn't want a house like that to live, too much damage...

Augustine said...

Hey, I think your blog is very interesting! I agree about magazines creating unreal images of women, and how that has a negative effect on "real" women. But I think we're all walking advertisments of ourselves - we're all trying to show the best side of us to the world. So I guess it's natural that you want to look your best in your pictures.

I don't know. Did that make any sense?

I like your pictures very much,

Gem said...

Great blog post. I think you look lovely in these pictures. I don't like overly posed photos on blogs, and I don't think yours are usually anyway. I do tend to think the joy of blogging is seeing 'real' people so the overtly controlled/manipulated photos on some blogs do turn me off sometimes. But then there's loads of people that love that kind of thing, so I guess it's different strokes for different folks!
Anyway, srsly loving your latest outfits (big love for the socks and sandals!). Doing a major blog catch up as I've been so busy with uni/work placement and your blog has been my fave of the evening so far :)

Caitlin Rose said...

I really appreciate you bringing this point up. It's very brave of you to do a natural posed outfit post! You look wonderful still though. I don't know the answer to this problem, but just being natural in the odd shoot I think is really honest and nice.


Caitlin Rose

Xavi said...

Emilly and her siutcase. The world is hers.

Virginie's Cinema said...

You bring up some very interesting points. I have to say I always love in your pictures that they are in an actual real setting around the city you love or visit. I'm tripoding my pics and am sometimes shy to go places when there will be a lot of onlookers and would rather look for an inspiring wall in a secluded area.

I think these pictures are great and go with the outfit. I also find that the post with the star dress is great. I think though it all we always see YOU, whatever angle or setting. And we love you. So it's all good :)

Virginie ♥

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

I LOVE what you say here, I can totally relate about the poses. I have even been kooky enough to tell my hubs that his angle was making me look short and fat! It cracks me up just to write that! I agree about perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards, and definitely am aware of this in things I repost for this very reason, although yes, I don’t want to look fat on my blog either! A fine line, I know, but the most important part is owning up to it and being aware of what we promote. Props to your honesty!

Side note: Funny you say your poses fell away; before I read that I was thinking how I really liked seeing sitting down pictures! I get so sick of a million pics of myself standing up. I love the house too; houses covered in vines have always been my favorite (like cacti and palm trees are exotic elsewhere, vine-covered buildings are a bit exotic in central Arizona)!


cute look!

Jasmine said...

to me know you are one of the bloggers with the prettiest and natural photos ever , without even have to try too hard :)

Miss Viki said...

such a lovely house, and you look great in every pose ;)

Kate said...

This is an absolutely fantastic look at this issue. It is actually one of the main reasons I stopped posting OOTD pictures. I felt as though I was not conveying my true self. I used to get so stressed out just thinking about having to take pictures, because I knew it would feel awkward and uncomfortable, and that would be conveyed in the way the pictures look. My best pictures were the ones where I was goofy and myself.

By the way, I think you are absolutely gorgeous and that these pictures in particular, look fantastic. I like seeing that my fellow bloggers are normal and human, rather than robots.

Stephanie Loudmouth said...

Well, you look cute -- whether these are poses or candid shots.

I'm going to keep posting the best photos of myself, because I don't think anyone wants to see bad photos of me. I know the poses that make me look better and those that make me look worse. I don't think there's anything wrong or deceptive about that. We all know that no one is perfect -- not even me! ;)

Lavender and Twill said...

~ * ♥ * ~

Great post Emily; your thoughts on style blogging are really interesting to read. I must admit that I am a sucker for the whole "fantasty" photographs. I love looking at pretty & stylish photos. I guess it's because I see the photo as part of the expression ~ the outfit expressed individual style, the photo frames it with artistic style.

But that being said, I also adore getting to know the "real" person behind the blogger. Your post is great example of that, so thanks for sharing. : )

bonita of Depict This!
~ * ♥ * ~

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

@The Loudmouth: These are still poses, more or less, particularly the first shot. But they are more natural poses. I still didn't include the "bad" pictures, where one of my eyes looks bigger than the other...

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

(which it is...)

Tanvi said...

I hear you! I was recently picked upon by someone 'coz apparently I have a big butt and I post too many close up of my faces ... So I guess you can never make everyone happy ... nonetheless I continue to pos my not-so-perfect ass and close ups. Also, I am too lazy to photo shop :P

♡ from ©

Fashion Limbo said...

I don't know, I really think it depends. There are bloggers out there who have outfit posts that look straight out of a fashion magazine, others are less worked on, some are more natural than others... I love that there is a variety, of super-posed ones, to more careless images. I depends on the type of blogger, their site, their style. I'm not going to publish picture of myself that will show my bad skin days, which are sadly mostly - why? because I simply don't like anyone noticing that. However, I like and smile at bloggers that are very natural and have a lot of fun doing what they do. I try to be natural too, even though I hate doing outfit posts, but I won't choose the pics in which I don't like what I see. But I never take myself seriously or my outfit posts, and I wouldn't like anyone who did.

Anonymous said...

I loved this post. I agree with you. The same bloggers that root and toot about being healthy, and curvy are the ones that post "inspiration" of women with barely there clothing (lingerie,) and a waistline smaller than my bicep. It's unreal, sad, pathetic and disheartening. Your reality to this concept is amusing, refreshing, and much needed! xo to that!

Claire said...

It's a hard line to walk, isn't it? There's a difference between "I'd rather see/present this photo than this one" and "OH MY FUCK, it is possible to be ASHAMED of how I look and photographs which depict that can NEVER be revealed".. but sometimes it's hard to find.

Alexis of NorthOnHarper said...

You look real & comfortable in these poses. I think it would be fun to combine these with a more posed look.... the aspirational and the real.

Debbie Baker Burns said...

Enjoyed this post. Of course, I post my best photos but I have also included a blooper and some daily goings on pics. I am all for going in a more real direction. Debbie

M said...

We all have a vain little creature inside. I guess a mix of natural and staged is best.


Unknown said...

I agree. I am an older blogger that loves style. Unfortunately I am terribly un-photogenic! I have to work pretty hard to take my pics and am terribly stressed by the time I'm done. I don't care for the wanna be models big blogs. I like the blogs that show all women of any shape or size can show their own individual style.
Now following!

Mommy Moxie said...

I too am not that interested in seeing someone's toilet seat, but I love seeing someone being REAL. I read Sparkle Birds not because Jaclyn wears over-the-top outfits, but because she is hysterical, almost goofy in her shots. (Her fashion sense is great though). I think we've all fallen into that trap of wondering if we look polished enough, but in the end, does it really matter? Not really.

Unknown said...

A really thought-provoking post!
I am such the "poser" and always have way too many images on one post.

You see, I am in love with the art of photography, and this is pretty much the only way I can "direct" someone to create the look i'm shooting for.

One of the first blogger's I fell for, when i asked what made a good blog was the quality of the photo, and I suppose i still have that seared into my mind :)

I do agree with Terri, as in how does a natural blogger who really is showing off her outfit pose?

What is the "norm", Unless you have someone following you around all day, popping off natural shot of you, the only other alternative is a pose.

I suppose the pose that radiates you would be the best as in:
do u smile a lot?
do u frown a lot?
are you deeply intent on showing that darn hem and won't take no for an answer?

Thanks for the think-a-thon!

Lynsey Michelle said...

Soooo true. I find that one of my biggest challenges is trying to figure out what to do in front of the camera....and not looking so serious all of the time! I am no model. Love your candid take on this.

Lynsey Michelle

Fashnlvr said...

I am new to your blog and enjoyed your post. I have to say though that I look at fashion blogs to see unique outfits. Fashion blogging is primarily very visual from my perspective. I Don't want to see someone's unkempt household - it distracts from the outfit and that is what I want to see and focus on. I think authenticity comes from what we write more so than what photos we use. For me, I don't Photoshop my 'self" but I do crop my photos to exclude distraction from the outfit or location identifiers. Of course i try to look my best in my poses > anything and everything you put on the internet will be there FOREVER. In blogging as in life, people try to put their best foot forward. I like photos with interesting backdrops but I also read some blogs where outfit photos are always done in the same location. I think it is all up to the blogger and what they are most comfortable doing. I seek authenticity from within the blogger and the thoughts and ideas they express in their writing. I won't post about laying around the house all weekend in my pajamas practicing to be a slug > who wants to read about that? There was a show on American television called "Cops" - each episode was 30 minutes. It took them 8 hours of filming and riding with the officers to get 30 minutes of footage for the show. No one wants to watch a police officer drive around for 4 hours waiting for an exciting call or traffic stop. Such is my life - 30 minutes of interesting to read about out of 8 hours of living my normal existence. :)
Thoughtful post > thanks for raising the issue!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

I get your point, completely. I really dislike when people think they can just post any old crap photo of themself, all blurry and wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and we should be inspired. But I think there's a line to be walked between presenting yourself well, and contributing to a culture of unrealistic expectations and "everything has to be perfect and everyone thin or you're not any good." I guess that was my main point, not that I want to see anyone's toilet.

For example, I'm sometimes surprised when bloggers make videos to discover how normal they sound, when they appeared so glamorous on their blogs!

Unknown said...

Such a wonderfully candid post, I really appreciate you sharing it. It echoes so many thoughts that I have had, yet not particularly come to any conscious conclusions about. Although I have only recently begun to blog about 'fashion', I have been slinking around the scene for quite some time and have certainly noticed so much of what you mention above. The Lolita/underfed in lingerie reference made me giggle, and yet I instantly saw my ever unfolding, homogeneously terrifying tumblr dashboard!

It may be that we (as human beings) possess a tendency to break off from that which oppresses us (in this case the vogue/fashion mag perfectionism) only to form brand new causes and effects - which can often turn out to be as insidiously damaging as those which we had previously rejected. There is, perhaps, a fine line between wishing to genuinely present ourselves at our best, and unknowingly promoting a continued adherence to unreal expectations. I edit my images for clarity and brightness, but am guilty of tossing many away because they do not flatter me, or because the lens has distorted my proportions (a common issue for me!). We know, ourselves, that we are neither vain nor shallow, yet we struggle to represent our perspective within a culture which tends to expect some weird idea of 'perfection'. A balance is key, probably - a decent combination of indulgence and truth. Dream version and reality. I am thinking out loud way too much now, so shall leave you in peace!

And to add, these images are both poignant and lovely . I would love to find a way to take more outdoor images of what i wear.

Sofía said...

What you say is really important. I think that fashion should make every woman feel beautiful; everyone has a potential that she needs to explore. Fashion must just be a way to express yourself and to make you feel good. Many thanks for the arricle,