Friday, 14 February 2014

a few thoughts from valentine's day

Yes, me, showing my face around here again. Still with a backed up queue of posts I never can post. Still alive, still without internet, still job hunting, etc.

Today I visited another blog for the first time in about two weeks and saw this questionnaire of a post so I thought I'd steal it and do likewise, since I haven't said much about anything for a while

What did you look like one year ago today?

 photo DSC_0991_zpsaa5ef126.jpg
I had long brown hair. I was wearing this dress and it was Valentine's Day and I was having breakfast with Víctor. We weren't together yet and couldn't be, but we went for breakfast and spent the whole time wishing to ourselves that we were.

when did you wake up this morning?

Started drifting in and out of consciousness at 7, but didn't get up until 8, after orange juice in bed and the cat scratching the door.

what was the first thing you thought when you woke up?

Wishing death on the cat, probably
 photo DSC_1551_zps97c8f82b.jpg
So cute. So evil.

have you called someone today? Who and what did you say?

I Skyped my mom, to commiserate about some disappointing professional news (don't ask) and catch up in general.

what mood are you in?

I was super happy this morning, as I took a morning off from my crazy freelance schedule. Am consequently a bit frantic at the moment but as it's already too late to hand anything in before Monday, I think I may just chill out now...
 photo ScannedImageEmilyFeb14_zps0b190309.jpg
Got this lovely Valentine's Day card from my dad, though!

Do you hurt anywhere?

Erm, my shoulder is torture as always from too much computer.

If you could choose anything to eat right now, what would you want?

The Moroccan food my sister is making whenever I manage to get over there with the dish!

What did you buy last?
 photo DSC_1555_zps618e715f.jpg
Breakfast of fried eggs and black pudding, with a glass of wine (yes, wine for breakfast, it was a special occasion and pretty much essential for the delightfully-greasy peasant food)! Tastes so much better than it looks, incidentally.

Which was the first website you visited on the internet today?

My friend Kallie's blog, which is where I got this questionnaire from!

what are you doing tonight?

The above-mentioned Moroccan dinner with my sister.

which is the first song you put on today?
I continue to have no soul and never listen to music, but the café where I'm sitting has Ella Fitzgerald on, if that counts.

What were you doing exactly a week ago, this time?
Reading a very long article about whether women find it sexy when men cook and clean. Apparently not, according to the article. I think the article is crazy!

What are you wearing today?
 photo DSC_1562_zpsac16dbdf.jpg
The same thing as exactly one year ago. I'm not a Valentine's Day type, but it inadvertently became an important day last year, so this year was all about doing exactly the same thing, wearing the same clothes. Yes, yes, I know. You can all roll your eyes and write me off forever now.

The weekend then, what about it?
A calçotada (Catalan barbecue with onions) with my writer friends on Saturday, and Victor's birthday party on Sunday) Oh god, have so much to do now....
 photo DSC_0106_zpsceb82a21.jpg
Calçots, mmmmm


Kezzie said...

Intriguing! So when do we get to hear about you and Victor in detail?x

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

Had no idea you had a cat. Its very very cute. But yea, they are mostly evil.
mmmm calçots....

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

@Kezzie: hmmmm :)

@Kallie: It's my step-cat! It is way more evil than most cats but I forgive her when she lies curled up on the couch in a cute ball.

Closet Fashionista said...

Aww that's so cute that you wore the same outfit! :D
I can't believe you don't listen to music! I would die without it, ha ha

Anonymous said...

Yeah, cats contribute to your sanity by making you realize the absurdity of life. Mine's blocking the screen with his big furry body right now...

Sian Thomas said...

I always get surprised when reading through your blog to see images of my home pop up - it's the Lion Inn at Blakey here that surprised me! I remember in the past coming across pictures of Whitby! We're just down the road from that pub and have had many (huge!) meals at it :D

Ashley said...

I'll have to steal this questionnaire! ;)