Wednesday, 28 August 2013

foodporn and fun nyc

 photo DSC_0773_zps2b65fad4.jpg

I'm left with my usual bunch of photos that don't make up a coherent whole from a trip... most of them of food, naturally. Like I said, I ate super-well in New York: everything from a posh macaroni and cheese with truffle oil to a ravishingly good pulled pork sandwich to dumplings with the best dough of all time...

Here's a lightening tour of my happy stomach moments, occasionally contextualized with what else I did that day (let's face it, eating was the most important part).

On Saturday Kallie and I went to walk down Park Avenue for Summer Streets, a festival in which they close the street for pedestrians, runners and cyclists, with art installations along the way. We made friends in line and went through a tunnel of light, and then wandered happily chit-chatting...

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Athletic people, boo, hisss. I think I was still compulsively clutching an oversized coffee and nursing a hangover at this point. But I'm always a fan of taking the streets back from traffic.
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 photo DSC_0648_zps10a55f90.jpg
eating an amazing shrimp salad and The Best Dumplings Ever at Moon.... (what was this place called again Kallie?)

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 photo DSC_0659_zpsd7d90c4f.jpg
Glamorous picnic-ers in Central Park shortly before I dozed off

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We regrouped, we redressed,

 photo DSC_0673_zps71f0c200.jpg
We went for brussels sprout pizza

 photo DSC_0676_zps73d64a6d.jpg
And amazing, in-house made raspberry, mascarpone and cashew (oooooh) gelato.

On Sunday morning I went with these people (Kallie's boyfriend Rich is super, super, nice)
 photo DSC_0686_zpsadcd68f5.jpg

To this place:
 photo DSC_0685_zps58fa864c.jpg

To indulge in sinfully magnificent American breakfast (I had a BLT benedict, Kallie and Rich both had amazing breakfast sandwiches of various types)
 photo DSC_0683_zps5c50f80b.jpg

The day involved some other stuff (my spending yet more money), but we didn't forget the important things in life and wrapped it up with a beer and cheese pairing:
 photo DSC_0746_zpsfaea2c80.jpg

And late-night pizza consumed on the floor and washed down with rosé.
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Right... who's hungry?


Closet Fashionista said...

That shrimp salad looks soooo good! Definitely lots of tasty food had on your trip. :D

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

It was ridiculous... all I did was eat and gossip. :D

Valerie Enríquez said...

If I wasn't hungry before, I sure am now! I definitely love indulging in food while I travel, much to the detriment of my inevitable post-vacation diet ha! The eggs benedict look divine, that's one of my favorite breakfast foods! Yum x

Michal said...

ahh Kallie's mentioned that Moon whatever place multiple times to me when I'm there and we still haven't gone. NEXT time.

This whole trip looks like such a good time. SO MUCH FOOD. That's my kind of traveling.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Michal: Definitely worth a visit! It really was such a good time. Food, dancing, chatting, clothes, photography, getting to meet Rich at last, having occasional moments of "I'm in New York!" :)

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...


Also, that last pic is epic.

Ashley said...

I would boo and hiss at those athletic people with you. While eating a donut.

Kezzie said...

I love food porn!!!! I'd like some shrimp salad please!!!!x