Sunday, 6 May 2012




Picture from Day 2 in Lyon are still coming, but I thought we were overdue for an outfit post in the meantime. I wore this today to the Saló del Comic, a fair that takes place in Barcelona every year. Albert's been going since he was a boy, and I've tagged along the past few years, despite the fact that I think I'd never read a comic book until university. After studying Persepolis in a Children's Literature class I went through a phase of reading some classic graphic novels (Maus, V for Vendetta and later I read classic Spiderman comic strips in Spanish to learn vocabulary ("cretin," "web-thrower" and "wall-climber" have been pretty useful in everyday life).

I still can't get into most comics as I either a) really dislike the style of drawing or b) like the illustrations but find the stories inane. However, the annual fair has some fascinating exhibits, and a chance to meet some of the writers and illustrators. We stood in line to get David Lloyd to sign V for Vendetta. That is a graphic novel I can get behind, with its critique of Thatcher Britain! The movie version is probably one of my favourite movies too... I watched it years ago with a friend, and thought "I have to buy this; the whole family is going to love this..." flash forward to my Dad letting out a happy little cheer as the Houses of Parliament explode!



blazer: gift (old), blouse: Desigual (gift), pants: H&M, shoes: Liz Claiborne (sales, old), bag: bought in London last year.


Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh I LOVE that blouse and the blazer!!!
I'm the same way with Anime, I like some but not all...some is just too weird, ha ha. (I'm not much of a reader :p) That sounds like quite a fun time though

Anonymous said...

I have similar thoughts about comic books. In fact, I've wondered lately why so many bestsellers in the US are actually in young adult category: Harry Potter, Twilight, the Hunger Games. I'm very afraid it says something about the general state of literacy in the modern day world.

Penny said...

I love blazers but I have to try so hard to find one to fit me nicely because of my small shoulders..I like this style on you - it's the first time I see it :)
Ps) Persepolis is one of the nicest graphic novels - I also liked "the arrival"..

Cláudia Paulino said...

Hello, Emily! I love your blog!
I admire your style and photos are always so beautiful!
You are lovely!
Thanks for visiting!
Kisses from Brazil

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Love the red lipstick and floral shirt! =)

Anonymous said...

What great style you have!

Ashley said...

I think you've mentioned this before, but is your family originally from the UK?

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

@Terri: I personally feel that Harry Potter has nothing to envy most adult books.

@Ashley: my dad's from the UK, my mom's Canadian.

@Penny: Thanks for the tip... I"ll look into The Arrival.

t said...

Nice outfit!

Valerie Enríquez said...

Your sunglasses and hair look divine! And of course all your travelling is so enviable x

Amber said...

That is a brilliant blouse. Its funky and super cute. I've never really gotten into comics either although I did used to read the Emily the Strange comics in high school. The storylines were nothing special but I related to the angsty lead character.

Raquel, Black Sheep said...

very business casual! I like it, the sunglasses are the cherry on top of the cake :)

I got my docs via Amazon, much cheaper there than in any store in London I assure you! Also, if you buy the 1460 order one size down, I made the mistake of not listening to people on this and now mine are too big on my feet and I need extra socks to try to get them more snug and they're still big! They get larger every time you wear them.

Marlena said...

that is such a fun top, you always look so put together. put up the pictures, i want to continue to live vicariously through you :P