Wednesday, 2 May 2012

a weekend in lyon, part 1






My friend Alexa visited me back in the fall, and also last year, and actually we spent time together in Barcelona four and a half years ago too (we're friends from back home). Every time I've seen her in the last five years, basically, she's invited me to come and visit her in Lyon. I've been promising to go for at least as long. And last weekend I finally went. I had a wonderful two days, and I really don't know what took me so long!

On the first day, we went on one of those epic walks through the old city, took a funicular up to see some Roman ruins and a cathedral, narrowly avoided an entire "Holybus" full of ardent missionaries, wandered down a narrow pathway back to the city, ate Ramen noodles, collapsed on the sofa for a bit, rented bikes and rode them down the quay to a beautiful park (eyes smarting all the way from spring allergies), made crepes and a "healthy" desert consisting of strawberries, creme fraiche and broken up speculoos cookies, and went out for free drinks (white wine with cassis). And that was just Saturday... Sunday was even better!

Oh, and Alexa's neighbourhood... apart from being one of those delightful multi-cultural areas with kebab shops and Chinese supermarkets, and being right next to the river, contains a Jules Verne themed carousel! Heaven.




she's also my most stylish friend...



flamingos in the park

health food



ZZ said...

Sheesh. How do I get your life?

Despina T. said...

you both look beautiful!lovely outfits.lyon seems so beautiful.lovely pics.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

@ZZ: When you live in Europe it's relatively easy and cheap to fly to another country... and having friends to stay with makes it even easier and cheaper. When I lived in Canada I definitely wasn't able to travel this much.

Nina said...

Gorgeous photos, I've still not been to Lyon but now that school is over it's on my travel list for sure. Love your outfit as well by the way!

Closet Fashionista said...

Woohoo for visiting friends! :D
I LOVE your sweater and her dress! And that carousel is sooo cool! I want to go see it, ha ha

Laura said...

Love your outfit! It's cute without being too fussy for travel.

That carousel is way too awesome. I always love reading about your I'm unable to take off enough time from work to do any real traveling, myself, I enjoy living vicariously through your blog :)

Norbyah said...

i remember nearly 6 summers ago, when we made a trip to visit our friends in their gorgeous home in the french countryside. it was in the ardeche, just 15 minutes outside of annonay. by far, the most beautiful vacation ever. these pictures made me remember it. thanks for sharing them.

Monique said...

Emily, your friend Alexa is adorable. Sounds like you gals had a blast. It's so worth it when you push yourself to finally do something like visit an old friend. Great photos lady!

TheHeadlessMannequin said...

Lyon looks so pretty! The Jules Verne carousel alone makes it worth a visit! I love your outfit in these pics too - you do comfortable travel chic like no other :) I always love your posts about your travels...the combination of great pics and great writing makes me feel a little like I've been there myself :)

Carrie said...

Mmm...that dessert looks yummy, and I love your travel posts! :-) While I'm stuck in my little corner of the world for the forseeable future, I can enjoy some blogging adventures through your pictures and add to my ever-growing list of places I want to visit...someday. :-)

Anonymous said...

I am impressed by the carousel and that last photo of the two of you is wonderful.

Annebeth said...

Alexa is adorable, you both look super effortlessly stylish and I love kebab!

Penny said...

exactly what you are saying - even when I was back in Greece (technically still Europe) flight prices were so expensive it was again very difficult to move around... whereas in UK it is dramatically cheaper to take the plane and you even have the option of Eurostar.. I like your jeans shorts - very comfortable for a day full of sightseeing :)

Jean at said...

Lyon has just been put on my "must visit" list. It looks amazing!!! Glad you had a lovely time with your adorable friend.

Love, Jean

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful outfit. :-)

HailesHeartsFashion said...

Really beautiful photos, love both of your outfits! I have been to Lyon briefly. It looks so similar to this place me and my family love to go in France called Chamonix. France is an amazing country. So diverse!


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xs said...

what a wonderful and fun filled weekend! running around a cool city with a good friend is always the best

Ashley said...

God, I love Europe.

This outfit is truly darling.