Sunday, 18 November 2012

welcome to bristol in technicolor



(Me + breakfast + Saturday Guardian = happiness.

Bristol is an awesome city. Albert's living there now, and I've been to visit a bunch of times, but this is its Ruby Slipper Journeys debut! One of the best things about Bristol is all the street art and murals, transforming a lot of drab, damp streets like anywhere else in the UK into a riot of colour and creativity. There are literally murals everywhere and although this post has a major photo overload, these are only some of my favourites... there are so many more.

It's also a city full of cafés hostings small art exhibitions, bars with open mic nights and live music every night of the week, nice little restaurants tucked here and there... craft clubs and knitting circles. It's also got its share of social problems: the neighbourhood Albert lives in has some major mental illness and social exclusion going on, but by UK standards it definitely seems to be a city that makes an effort. I could happily live there. Also, there's cider everywhere!

This outfit wasn't meant to be all red, but it was one of those bitter days when there was no way I was taking my coat off. Albert said "girl's are looking at you on the street." I wonder why!



turning your bike into a cow...



i figure by the time all these buildings are restored, the neighbourhood will be unbearably yuppie... it's already a bit too hipster


Banksy! (is from here)









Photos by Albert


Closet Fashionista said...

Oh wow, so much awesomeness, I love that tree shop painting! :D
I really wish where I lived was so vibrant with tons of places to go... *sigh*

Kezzie said...

Yay, you're in England!! Come to London! I've never actually been to Bristol, it always comes across as a really funky place, love the graffiti- how funny, I just posted about some graffiti and went to my blog list and saw yours is on a WHOLE 'nother level! Wow!
So nice to see Albert in the pictures and both of you together- he matches you! He has a totally cute outfit just like yours!
Hope the weather isn't too horrid for you!

Emily said...

@Kezzie: I was just there for a long weekend but it was great!
Actually we were a bit embarrassed about being so unintentionally matchy-matchy. Some guy even took a picture of us on the sly!

Sasha said...

Are those Dr. Martnes floral boots? OMG, I adore them! Not saying of how I am jaleous of your trip! ;)

By the way, I am having a little internationl Giveway in my blog. So, it would be great if you could join. :)

Person hinter den Worten said...

Oh, it looks really nice there.

sweet harvest moon said...

Love your red coat!

Shanti Das said...
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Lina said...

This is amazing! I used to live right by the Banksy in your final photograph, and spent a lot of my time in Stokes Croft. It's amazing to see how much the street art has changed since then! Have you been to the Apple yet? It used to be my favourite place to go for a cider, it's on a boat in the Harbour!

Shanti Das said...

I live in Bristol and I love it here! These photographs are really wonderful and show up some of the city's best bits. I think because I have lived here most of my life that I sometimes forget just how great it is, and it's so easy to forget to appreciate the city around me because I'm always thinking about exploring further afield. Thank you for this post - it's inspired me to get out and explore Bristol a bit more and proved just how much left there is for me to see! Hope you've had a lovely visit :)

Nina said...

Welcome back to the UK! I love going to Bristol, I tend to go for gigs in the Thekla (a boat) when Cardiff disappoints and I love going. They're also hosting an apparently fabulous German Christmas market again this year which I rally want to check out.
Nina from little nomad

Ashley said...

So it's kinda like Camden without the dirty hipster feel?

haha. I may need to put this on my list of places to visit!!

Anonymous said...

that place looks amazing *sigh*! and so does your red coat + tights combo and the dotted dress :)

Virginie Bardot said...

Well hello coolest outfit EVER! I love the red on red (that coat is perfection!), the docs and the feminine dress!

Bristol looks soooo cool as well! How awesome is it you get to visit your main in a new location now?

Virginie xo

Annebeth said...

beautiful pictures. I love how you two blend in with the red outfits, and you are just adorable you!

Penny said...

Hi Emily :)

what a wonderful post! why has noone mentioned that Bristol is full of street art? It always comes across as a quiet town, and it's always Bath that draws all the attention, at least to my touristy ears.
I was actually thinking of going to Bath but all the hotels were terribly expensive so I might actually stay in Bristol which is pretty close and seems so awesome as well :)

Rubies and Emeralds said...

Your red ensemble is amazing and I'm loving these pics! How fitting that you are in the UK...check out my tea experience! :)


Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

@Penny: I only spent an afternoon in Bath, but I feel like Bristol is more vibrant. They're for different types of weekends, maybe. If you're coming with friends, I think Bristol could be a lot of fun: seeing the street art and then going to a pub/to see some live band. Bath is more if you're in a museum-y mood it seems, not that I'm an expert by any means.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

@Lina and Shanti: Glad to make you ladies happy. Bristol is awesome!

Anonymous said...
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Cuddly Cacti said...

what sort of social exclusion does his neighborhood have? that's sad... but Bristol does look great from your photos w/ all those amazing street murals! all buildings aroudn here are fairly new (but not new enough to be energy efficient or cool looking generally just 80s and blah) so I quite like the look of old run down building.. although i guess living in them is another story, as we know from our old rental home.but anyway, enough rambling, what's Alfred up to in Bristol? One of our Spanish roomates lived there for a yearish so we've been dreaming about going. & you two match! you look adorable, I love that coat, the jumping picture is perfection.

reckless daughter said...

love love this outfit. your doc martins are the perfect touch to the red tights and coat! :)

Kitsune-kun said...

ahhh what a cool place! love your shoes!!

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

I am very much a rural kind of gal, but Bristol looks like it is easy to fall in love with :)

Laura (White Winters) said...

I used to live in Bristol when my boyfriend was at uni there. It is an amazing city. Lovely pictures!


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