Wednesday, 31 October 2012

circuses and face paint


I'm not that into Hallowe'en... ever since the candy part vanished when I was a teenager, it's just that annoying holiday that always requires you to have a costume when you can't be bothered. Although looking at these pictures from a circus party night I went to, I'm not sure what my problem is with costumes exactly... Face paint forever! There was a woman moving through the crowd and I think I was the last one she did... clearly she was saving the best for last!

jugglers and dancers

I want to be a trapeze artist now

Amandine has her arm painted... maybe a wiser move for taking the metro home at the end of the night!

Anyway, Hallowe'en or not, tonight is the first day of a four day weekend round these parts, so I'm off to let the celebration find me. Trick or Treat to the rest of you!




Laura Go said...

omg looks like a lot of colorful fun was had!
♥ laura
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Kezzie said...

Ha it looks great fun!!!!! I am sitting here trying to do work but keep getting distracted by blogging!!! Ahrgh! Thanks for your nice comments, it's hard to believe having nonegenarian grandparents, really glad though, he's my last surviving one!

Monique said...

looks like loads of fun. i love the orange swirls!

Ashley said...

I love facepianting....a little too much :)

Just want to let you know I went back and read your post on Homesickness. I had remembered it from reading it about 2 years ago. ha! Now is rings very true for me, and I still love it.

The fact that I still remembered that post shows that you're an excellent writer :)

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

This looks so fun!!!! I love the facepaint. Also, I spy a lyra and a single trap in the circus :)