Sunday, 8 January 2012

toronto and chagall and more tartan




So my mom actually found me two tartan dresses for Christmas. I was vaguely skeptical when I first pulled this one out of the package; I couldn't see how a racerback was going to work for me. But when I put it on and saw how swingy the skirt was, and how the neckline actually works layered over all sorts of tops, I reminded myself that gifts can be great for just that reason... you end up with things you probably wouldn't have bought yourself. It's Ralph Lauren, a brand I've had a bit of a soft spot for since my teenage years. My mom got it on sale... she never pays full price for anything (and I know this for a fact because she also never bothers removing the price from our Christmas gifts)!

Anyway, no outfit exists in a vacuum, and this was what I wore the day my Dad and I drove to Toronto:

had Wonton soup in Chinatown (the last time we came to Toronto together was about fifteen years ago and we did the exact same thing)!

And went to the Art Gallery of Ontario. There was an exhibition on Chagall there.
I really loved the colour folk-art nature of Chagall, who I wasn't too familiar with before. My dad was a bit iffy on it, but we also made time to see the Industrial Photography exhibition, some satirical prints by Goya, and browse through some really nice Group of Seven works in the Canadian Gallery. A nice father-daughter day!


it's a bit hard to see, but the neclace is really sweet... two robins sitting on a branch. It was a Christmas gift from a craft fair from my sister Morna.


dress: Ralph Lauren (gift), shirt: gift, necklace (gift--bit of a trend going on here!) coat: vintage Gloverall, hat: Desigual, boots: Steve Madden


Nina the Little Nomad said...

What a lovely dress, I love how you've layered it! I'm so jealous you went to Toronto I was there in July in 2010 and I literally fell in love with minute I arrived. So an amazing city.

The Daily Fashionista said...

Your father and yourself had a lovely day trip together!! It's so cool that you guys are into similar outtings. The museum seems really nice as well.

Annebeth said...

ah very cute for layering! pinafores ftw. And I love any type of check, tartan or plaid <3

elanor, said...

wow i'm actually kind of in love with the shape of this dress! you look beautiful. :)

& it's always fun to have father daughter time! xx

Anonymous said...

Seeing you in these outfits makes me wish it was winter in Australia. I miss wearing coats & stockings.
PS My mum rarely removes the price tag either!

Kelly xo
@ Elegantly Academic

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

Ah, another fine plaid dress specimen! I like the tiered ruffle detail.

This reminds me of how I have yet to look up the Group of Seven. Or, at least more thoroughly. I did a general search, but didn't look at many works. I'll get on that soon as it sounds like a pleasant way to pass part of a wintry afternoon...

Deppa said...

Es un lindo vestido, a mi me gustó muchísimo :)

Te ves muy dulce con ese gorrito.
Que tengas una linda semana.

Nos vemos!

Anonymous said...

the dress suits you and looks wonderful with the contrasting lining of the coat. A day with my father...what I wouldn't give to be able to do that, again.

Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh I love that dress! Yayyy for Ralph Lauren! I have a soft spot too :)

Ashley/ MILK TEETHS said...

I totally agree about how nice it is to get gifts that at first glance don't seem to be your thing but then you realize that they totally are! I've had many "Aha!" fashion moments this way :)

rose said...

ai Emily que vestido lindo...amei...mui lindo..tambien su gorro preto,
besos rose jp

Monique said...

i love how with gifts you end up really liking something you wouldn't ever pick out for yourself. so awesome you spent quality time checking out some exhibits with your dad. oh and that chunky knit hat is so cute and frames your face so well.

curious constellation said...

I'm having serious coat envy!

gee said...

oh my, so jealous that you got to see Chagall's work.
i can only imagine how wonderful that was.
alsoooo..that wonton soup looks amazing. i have never seen so many wontons in a soup before. hahaha. :P
i am always weird about racerback tops and dresses too.. but the dress look beautiful on you.

islabell said...

hurray for Tartan...All. day. long. Your mom has quite the eye. They layering works really well.

I love your wee red beret with the plaid dress too, i need to pull out my beret from the depths of my closet when I get home.

Ethan did come with me for the end of this trip. My mom and brother took the previous photos though, at home I have understanding friends who help out a lot. Lucky for me they all have quite the eye.

All the photos on flickr I took (unless they are of me of course). Those weaver birds were amazing. I could have sat watching them for hours. They were constantly building and breaking down their houses.

You are totally right about that summer holiday feeling! I wish being home could last forever. Are you back in Barcelona now?


Anthea said...

"no outfit exists in a vacuum", haha! I love it!

I've got a little soft spot for tartan so I love this look.

Embracing Style

Anonymous said...

Your necklace is very eyecatching, how sweet it is! Also really like the artwork of Chagall! I'm such a surrealist lover and it looks so dream like, especially with the bright colours!

You also look very pretty, red suits you immensley!

Katrina said...

Adorable! It's a bit grunge, which is a look I've always liked. Plus I love plaid, haha.

My mom leaves the price tags on our Christmas things, too. She also signs each and every gift tag "Santa Mom."

Zane said...

beautiful plaid dress and great coat, adore the necklace too

Allison said...

Okay okay you look lovely but WAIT! How long are you in Toronto for?!?!

Raquel, Black Sheep said...

Yay mum, she got it right, one can never have too much plaid and that flouncy dress looks great on you and with the gorgeous red coat too!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

@Allison: Sorry, I was only there for a few hours! My family (well, my dad at the moment) is based in Hamilton... and I'm already back in Barcelona. : (

Anonymous said...

Oh, adorable *___*
You are adorable!!!!

Penny said...

this necklace is so so cuuuute!!and i like your plaid dress- i do not remember in which blog i read (most probably yours) that plaid is a wardrobe staple actually and i could not agree more. so many options to wear it!

Michal said...

Oo Chagall is one of my favorite artists! I love, love his work. This dress looks really nice on you too. The drape of it is so effortless and pretty.

Anonymous said...

That is a great coat! I love the deep red :)

xo Jennifer

dusanabotswana said...

Love the layers & boots look w/ that dress- another great job of your mom! Super sweet gift of your sis too w/ that necklace. Sounds like such a fun bonding day w/ your dad. I'd never heard of Chagall but his art looks really cool. So glad you don't just share the "vacuum" that is the outfit : )