Monday, 2 April 2012

on remixing, and so on



I was reading Franca's thoughtful responses to some Friend Friday questions on remixing and one-time wears a few days ago, and thought I'd weigh in on a couple of the questions myself, since I wear all these clothes all the time, ya know!

Re-mixing is something a lot of bloggers are proud of being able to accomplish – are you a re-mixing pro or do you shy away from posting items frequently? Why?

I don't consider myself a remixing pro at all, although I do wear things over and over, and not always the same way. But I almost feel intimidated by this concept of remixing, like it's not considered legitimate, once you've come up with an outfit, just to wear it again and again until you get bored. I like the idea that remixing can take a limited closet further, but I also like to just wake up and get out of the house. Hence looks like this, which are technically remixes since I've never worn this exact combination before, but really it's just one of my garden-variety outfits with a different pair of tights and a sweater thrown in.

As for posting... I post what I have, basically, but I always do wonder if some of my clothes get too much air time around here. Namely, this dress, which I love and which is so easy to wear, but when is enough enough? Ultimately though, I don't have that much stuff, so it's a bit inevitable.



Do you find yourself bored when reading a blog in which clothing items are often remixed and appear frequently?

I'm actually bored or frustrated by blogs that don't! There is a point after which you've probably seen something enough times on a particular blog, but I hate it when a blogger I love gets an awesome new dress and we only get to see it once. I find reading style blogs is a bit like vicariously owning some amazing clothes... and when they're only worn once I'm cheated of the opportunity to enjoy them!

What do you all think?



Incidentally, I bought this dress right before I started my blog and always planned to wear it with a 90s vibe... which I seem to have finally accomplished a year and a half later.

P.S. White tights are the best thing since sliced bread, but they do get a bit grimy!

Photos by Albert

dress: River Island, sweater: hand-me-down Gap, tights: Calzendonia, shoes: Camper


Norbyah said...

remixes are the best! they make me think about how i can reinvent the clothes in my wardrobe. i love your cute!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Love the sweater.

It always delighst me to see one dress, five ways.

Eleni said...

The thing to remember is that, what you might think of as a really boring, everyday outfit that you just throw together without thinking, can still be the complete opposite of someone else's style, and can therefore still inspire. I like seeing what other bloggers wear day-to-day, I'm not interested in sky-high heels and party dresses.

Franca said...

Thanks for the shout out!I never noticed you re-wear things. i think because you have such exciting photo settings, you could wear the exact same outfit and i probably wouldn't notice!

Siel said...

I love remixing, and it's just inevitable! How could one afford wearing one outfit and then never wearing it again. Some bloggers do remix posts, where they show how they wore one item in different ways, always love those!
Lovely outfit, I love white tights but haven't found them anywhere yet..

Annebeth said...

I think you rock at remixing. I mean, you're just a regular girl with lovely clothes who doesn't have the means to buy new stuff everyday, so you're a remixer! And you know I love that. Bloggers who re-wear their stuff feel a lot more authentic to me than bloggers who don't.I like reading blogs that obviously have favorite pieces! And I'm not sick of that dress at all, especially since your pictures are always nice as well. It's not like you're just standing in front of a wall wearing that dress :D

Lia said...

Amazing outfit, I adore the colors!


Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

@Siel: Just keep looking! I found mine when I was least expecting to!

@Annebeth: Aww, thanks! I'm getting the impression in the comments that I could wear a burlap sack for outfit pics so long as I keep doing it in nice places! ;D

Claire said...

Remixing as a concept is strange to me, but I suppose it's just a symptom of being organised (a situation I do not find myself in). For me, clothes are individual pieces that get considered anew every time I pick them up.

I agree with you about wanting to see items surface again and again on blogs I watch! If a thing is nice, I want to see it. If it's something I do't like, I like to see if the wearer can make me reconsider with new outfit context.

We're all paper dolls for each other.

Amber said...

your jumping shot is perfect. I've tried to nail that pic down, but my face always has a weird look on it when I jump. Anyhoo, I too prefer blogs that arent constantly showing new items. I mean I dont have a zillion bucks to spend a clothes every month and its nice to see other girls who can use what they already own in new and different ways.

Meli said...

I definitely will re-wear the same outfit over and over if I love it. I try not to repost the exact same outfit multiple times, which means remixing! I like seeing other people's remixing, because it's a way to get ideas for mixing some of my own clothes. I feel like I maybe just repeated a lot of what was already said, so sorry!

Sanam said...

oh lol i'm an AWFUL remixer, i try. But fail. Instead i just shop loads and then once i buy stuff I end up hating it and shoving it to the back of my wardrobe. not good.

P.s. great outfit! I really love these photos :) just bookmarked your blog :)

Sanam x
My Fashion/Photography blog: DayByDiva

Ashley said...

I always want the coffee you're drinking!

Looks like you are doing an irish jig in the last photo :)

Laura said...

I love the challenge of remixing - but I must remind myself that not everything can be remixed together. Certain things just don't look good together, haha. I certainly have my go-to outfits that I repeat constantly, but I try to mix things up every once in a while. It's a little jolt to my creativity. And I find that the same outfit can take on a completely different mood depending on the setting (urban, rural, etc.) or details (different belt, lipstick vs. natural, etc.)

Valerie Enríquez said...

Re-mixing seems the most practical, I often dislike it as well when we only see a dress once. If anything, it appears as though money falls from trees! A bit of spacing apart probably helps :) Your outfit is so cute and I have a feeling white tights are going to be a big thing this spring! x

Kailey said...

"I'm actually bored or frustrated by blogs that don't!"

Me too! One of the reasons I love blogs so much is because, unlike magazines, I can relate to them. If a blogger doesn't reuse clothing and seems to have a never ending wardrobe, they because just as unrelatable to me as a magazine. Love this post, and you look gorgeous!

caitlin said...

i definitely struggle with this. i try to space certain items out as much as possible on the blog (weekends are when i wear everything over and over again, simply ;) i do a lot more shopping (even if it is at thrift stores), and often buy 'weird' items, like funky printed midi skirts that i don't actually wear very often outside of the blog because they seem too crazy (wearing them to the office doesn't really count as wearing them in my mind...)

i definitely agree though, i'd rather see the same items remixed again and again than read blogs where the girls seem to have endlessly refilling closets. that's just not reality for me.

Maite said...

I'm agree, I think bloggers had to reuse some of their clothes, because this is what we do in real life...


Virginie said...

I personally don't read blogs of bloggers that never wear the same thing, I think it creates an unrealistic expectation in some readers and encourages consumerism, which I don't.

I always love seeing your remixed items, I think you pull it off in a way that is always inspiring.. which is the ultime point right?

Plus there is something authentic about it, like your blog is real instead of posing in a staged outfit. Much more interesting for sure.

And there you have it ;)

Virginie xo

dusanabotswana said...

I def know what you mean about wondering if too many things get too much air time but then I think it's almost weirder if it didn't, tot agree w/ you on awesome dresses, etc on other blogs and... even thrifting new things all the time can add up fast, not to mention I need some major closet-cleanout/organization that are just a waste of time and always make me think I should just turn into a clothes minimalist but of course never really would.Thanks for your sweet comment & support too : )

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

I definitely agree with all you've said on the topic of re-mixing. Or, just wearing what one owns as I tend to think of it (no need for giving it a name!). It's probably hard to decipher from my blog since I rarely do regular outfit posts anymore, but I'm always wearing the same things, or entire outfits, over and over. Those are the blogs I like. I can relate to them and almost always comment on (how much I like) specific items I see on bloggers again and again. You're absolutely right, it is like vicariously owning some amazing clothes!

That said, this dress looks so good with your yellow sweater. I remember you wearing it with a lovely blue cardigan before, too. It works so well with bold, primary colors. And, you've totally been rocking the white tights :D

Katie said...

I'm loving yellow at the moment, and that top is just perfect! You have a lovely blog!

Monique said...

Yes, I love seeing beautiful dresses worn again and again. While I do remix quite often I don't document it on the blog. I love this bright yellow and floral combo.