Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Into the Beautiful North + a mashup

Hi everyone!

Brrrrrrrrr. That's my main comment for now. This is a bit of a hodgepodge post, and as soon as I'm done I'm off to (hopefully) enroll at the university. Scary times.


I hoped to make a post about LA, where I had a seven hour layover, but the Department of Homeland Security had other ideas. Allow me to vent for one minute. I wanted to leave my extremely heavy carry-on at left luggage (where you can check your suitcase in for a day or so in normal countries) and catch a shuttle into town. "No!" a 'traveler assistance' officer barked at me, when he could spare a moment from his blackberry. "Not since September 11th, you can't leave luggage." Allow me to say that this is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Other countries have a special room you can check your bag into, and they scan it first. So that would be the same security measure as when it goes onto the plane, right? Right. Anyway, seven hours in Starbucks it was. Grrrrr.


Meanwhile, the giveaway winner was comment #19 of the legitimate entries, Terri of Rags against the Machine! Terri is from Kansas and reminded me that her homestate is the setting of part of The Wizard of Oz, so very appropriate considering this is Ruby Slipper Journeys! Thanks everyone for entering, and I loved hearing about where you all live!


Next up, if you're an etsy or vintage lover, let me point you over to Ashley's shop Three Feathers Vintage, full of vintage treasures unearthed in LA, (that same place I couldn't visit, grrr). She's having a mega sale at the moment, and there are lots of chances to get free shipping, or at least a big reduction. Plus, her prices are super-reasonable for Etsy to begin with. Also you should check out her lovely blog, Milk Teeths.


Some of my personal favourites from her shop.

A few more odds and ends coming later, I don't want to overload you all!


Closet Fashionista said...

Ugh how annoying, stupid airport!!
And I love that last dress from her shop! So cute!! :D

Anthea said...

Sorry to hear about your delay in LA! I don't know how you got through it!

Embracing Style

Imogen said...

Sorry to hear about your situation with the airport. Also, congratulations to the winner of the competition the necklace is gorgeous. I adore the last dress that you posted too.

Jonathon Pedrozo said...

AWWW thats sad about LAX airport but well its a big hughe airport and security is kinda freakie

Loved terri's 2nd picture


Diana said...

airports are always such a hassle sorry about yours! i feel like all you ever do at an airport is wait and wait and wait. but i love milk teeths :) great shout out!!


SG said...

The airport guys want to be careful and cautious. But they go overboard many times.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you didn't get to hang out in LA. Ashley's shop is so cute I love it

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

You made it! Good luck with all the university stuff :)

Oh man, that is too bad about LA. I understand that since 2001 updated security measures are necessary, but really, you should be able to check a bag in somewhere after it's been deemed safe. Geez.

Congrats to your giveaway winner!

BenchesandChandeliers said...

those boots are strangely wonderful. i always love fun quirks to make an outfit pop.


Rio said...

Ya, airports are pretty much the worst place to waist time, and I have spent many a (not so) fine hours in them! Bleh! At least you're there now, and we all get to hear about your new colder adventures! ;) Also, I am a huge fan of Ashley's blog and shop! :)

Tilly said...

Ahhh! Can't belive you're in England now yayy! If you're in London I'm about a billion miles north of you ha ha! You'll get used to the cold soon don't worry ;) the weather here is considered to be quite warm now though!

Apparently it's going to snow soon!!! Hope you have fun in London :) xxx

Molly said...

I'm so sorry about the layover drama. I bet you jittery after 7 hours in a Starbucks!!

v a m p i r e said...

Lol that is nonsense what is the reason for them not letting people leave the luggage? in my country we can leave the bags for scanning

I recently stumble into Ashley's blog Milk Teeths but i have never have the chance to check out her shop yet , will do it after this

thanks for sharing

and Emily nice to know u

I am Jasmine from Malaysia :)

Ashley said...

Airports have become increasingly more stupid and annoying!

A said...

American airports are yet better than other international airports except Singapore. 9/11 is the cause of these issues but I think security is still lax. In most airports in Asia and in Europe too, travelers are physically touched to check. So I don't complain about the airports in the USA.

I liked the pictures and hope to hear from you soon from London.

Anonymous said...

I won! I won! I've never won a giveaway before! Now what do I do?

As for airports, I recently spent a day in Denver's and looked high and low for a rentable locker. Sadly, those appear to be a thing of the past as well.

Jenny said...

I LOVE the last dress! My mind is running amuck with all the interesting ways to style it!

Anything but Bland said...

i love that dress so much!! :D

have a lovely week,

love, polly :)

Marta said...

the first shot is stunning!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

@ A: I was actually surprised not to be touched or body scanned, since when I go through American security in Vancouver airport (and don't get me started on how much it irritates me that that even exists) I have to be full body-scanned. I'm sorry but I actually think the level of security is ridiculous, and that most of the measures wouldn't in fact be very effective in preventing terrorism, they simply cause inconvenience and build up a culture of paranoia in the public.

@Terri. Hehe, you don't have to do anything. I have to contact you, will do so promptly!