Thursday, 2 September 2010

under the arches



First things first: a big thank you to everyone excited for me about my move to London! I'm excited too, although somewhat stressed and already making weekly budget lists. The last time I lived in the UK was a bit of a financial disaster for me. Not because I went shopping or anything, simply because my rent took up 3/4 of my (admittedly dismal) salary. I was very poor, and not in a pituresque, darning-your-underwear way, but in a living-for-the-month-of-December-on-chocolate-and-wine-my-flatmate-and-I-were-given-for-Christmas-way. However, I'm hoping that since this time I have better savings and the exchange rate is significantly better, that it won't come to that!

Apologies, meanwhile, for being a poor commenter the last few days. My internet is fiendishly bad... I plan to burn down the Telmex building when I leave! Starbucks has been coming to the rescue!

Gaah... heatstroke!


Now, these pictures were taken recently when my sister and I made a day trip to Tlaquepaque, a village contained within Guadalajara that's famous for their ceramic work. We went to a lovely and free ceramic museum. Many of the pieces are enormous and exquisitely detailed and really have to be seen to be believed. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures, so you'll have to take my word for it! In general, we didn't take too many touristy pictures that day; I think we were a little overloaded in the last several weeks. However, on the way home we did grab a few. The light and shadows are a bit harsh in these, but then, you're not really supposed to take pictures at 4 pm...





Oh, and of course I can't resist sharing...
It wasn't really the best neighbourhood to be flashing a camera around, as you can tell by the state of the vochos, but I simply couldn't resist! The second one was so gutted as to not be a car anymore, I think it was that neighbourhood's idea of a bench!

Dress: from Barcelona
Tank: H&M
Shoes: Victoria (Spanish children's brand)
Sunglasses: Sanborn's
Bag: Stolen from my mother
Earrings: Self-made

On Shona:
Dress: Oysho
T-shirt: Smart Set
Shoes: Converse
Earrings: Native Store on Granville Island
Sunglasses: Alfred Sung

As you'll note from our aggressive layering, it's best not to show too much skin around here. We get enough attention as it is for being white and (compared with Mexicans) tall.

And after such a scorchingly hot day, there was really only one thing to do: go to the Teteria (teashop) near my house...



20 York Street said...

Oh, I wish I found your blog sooner, it's well-done and beautiful. How could I have missed it?

I'm a little biased some may say but I love Canadian Bloggers! =)

I'd be pleased to keep in touch, I'm hoping to make my way to Paris and visit my best friend in Dublin this year, maybe our paths will cross somehow.



anna. said...

Wow that is such a beautiful background for photos!

SG said...

Nice post. I hope you have a pleasant experience in UK this time. The entire state of Jalisco is beautiful, in my opinion. Couple of months ago, we went to Mazatlan.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures. The best line in the whole post: Bag: Stolen from my mother.

Closet Fashionista said...

You always go to such fun places! Love the outfit :D

Tilly said...

Beautiful pictures! The architecture there is fantastic!

Aww i hope your trip to good old Britannia is better this time ;) things are quite expensive here! Whereabouts will you be living in London? xxx

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

Beautiful dresses you both are wearing. I particularly like the patch dress- the blue one. You seem to be very creative. You make your own ear rings and bracelets etc. I also like that heat stroke picture a lot.
I take your word for the exquisite ceramics that you were not able to shoot.
All the best for your UK stay.

C.Elizabeth said...

Your blog is so lovely!

I am also a native Canadian, currently living abroad... Travelled a lot... It's nice to see someone else following a similar path!

Very nice outfit as well!"

Amber Rose said...

I've been considering packing up and moving to London, though I'm terrified at the very mention of it.. it's difficult to give up all your responsibilities and plans and just do it. I was hoping for some of that Amazing Advice of yours? ;) I'd love to hear your opinions and regrets and what you loved about moving, etc, since you've actually done it.

A said...

Awesome pictures. Keep posting please. I know a blogger from London if you want to get connected.

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

Despite the heat and the inopportune time for taking photos, these shots are lovely. There's just something so beautiful about arches. Perhaps it's their historical longevity.

A ceramic museum sounds like such a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Well, museums in general usually have that quality about them :)

Ali said...

These are just such pretty shots! :) I love your dress and the colors in it, plus your bag is cute. <33

Krystal said...

the pictures are beautiful!!! and europe is expensive in general...oh man - esp switzerland. it's crazy.

Le garçon avec les lunettes said...

The images on your blog are so inspiring! Great blog!

Molly said...

The patchwork on that dress is really adorable. And as usual these shots are gorgeous!!!

Teresa said...

I've never been a fan of patchwork, but you make patchwork look so cool! Those green sneaks are the perfect accent.


Rio said...

Such a pretty location! Your dresses are super sweet too! :)

Anonymous said...

really nice pics!!! :)
love it!


lahti shirley said...

Emily,eu adoro sua fotos! você deveria ser fotográfa :)
ahh, você mora onde? é de que pais?


Patricia fernè said...

WOW.. Nice page you got!!!
Love the background in your photos.

Anthea said...

Mexico seems to have so many wondeful places. I am going to miss it on your blog, but I'm sure London will be just as entertaining!

I love your dress. The pattern speaks to me!

wishwishwish said...

beautiful!! those cars are so cool x

Gorgeous Clara said...

love the pics with the cars

Little Monarch said...

oh man I love Victoria shoes. I have a pair of slip ons. great shoes. you are moving to London? where are you going to live? I miss london so bad. when do you move?

jamie-lee said...

the photos under the arches are beautiful!

Frankie said...
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Frankie said...

hi i am now following you on bloglovin sorry it took so long and I think your blog is great!

Thrive on Novelty said...

Great pics! xx

hiven said...


Jamie said...

Love your pics so much!! I adore these green tennies!! They are great!!