Friday, 24 September 2010


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Back in the late spring, I decided I had an obsession with safari style. This was when I got back from South Africa and it was a bit random because I'd been to game parks in South Africa, been absolutely freezing, and dressed like this:

Not very safari chic, but oh so fun!

Anyway, I didn't find anything in the stores that fit what I considered a reasonable budget for safari clothes with no safari in sight, so I decided to cobble together the best look I could from what I already owned. And then I stalked through Guadalajara, inventing my own safari!



Peering around every bush...

Trying not to make too much noise and scare the animals...

What's that I hear?

Sometimes the watcher becomes the watched...

This being Mexico after all, I didn't find too many exotic animals, but I did find him:

Oh, and this guy!

dress: gift
belt: my sister's
hat: The Bay
shoes: Aldo

On an unrelated note, I am flying to England in less than two days, and I can feel little veins of stress creeping over me. Every time I move it's bittersweet, thinking of the things I leave behind and looking forward to new opportunities. And ugh, packing. And ugh, ugh, trying to get a suitcase, a carry-on and a guitar across London after a 24 hours journey. Greattttt. This is all to say, my appearance might be patchy in the next week or so, but I'll be back.

And you haven't seen the last of Mexico yet on this blog. I still have a few photos I'll be sharing with you during the next couple of weeks!
Hasta Luego!


20 York Street said...

Hola Guapa,

Como estas hoy? Stress out eh? Calmate, everything as you know will be alright. I have thoroughly enjoyed today's photos! Love the dress too.

cuidate y besos,


Chaucee said...

I went on one once and you definitely have to dress for comfortability and function rather than chic-ness for a safari! But the look you created was so cute! I love the hat.

Ashley said...

Do you travel with one suitcase or two? I'm thinking about this whole packing process right now. ha.

P.S. Your safari pictures are cheeky. Love them!

Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh I love this!! So cute!! :D: D
And oooh London! I want to go, haha :p I hope you have a safe flight :D

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

Going to a game park in South Africa sounds like great fun. The photo of you with the elephant is adorable. It certainly took a liking to you!

I really like your safari inspired ensemble and your creative photo shoot!

Safe travels! I hope your move goes smoothly. I'll send good vibes your way! :)

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

@ Ashley:
I usually try and travel with one suitcase, since a lot of airlines make you pay for the second one. This time I was hoping to check my mini carry-on and carry my backpack, but bah! Boyfriend's stupid guitar!

SG said...

Nice pictures. We have been to couple of touristy spots in Mexico. Enjoyed very much. Wish you a pleasant stay in England.

Little Monarch said...

haha what a fun post. looks like you had fun taking these photos.

Rio said...

Very safari chic! I love the peeping and creeping photos, especially the tip-toeing one (feel like I'm writing a Dr. Seuss book now!) ! They all look like they belong in a magazine editorial! Both shots with the elephants (real and fake) are my favorite! Good luck packing lady! :)

Karol Duarte said...

I really love the photos.
i love the dress too.


Anonymous said...

Adorei seu blog Amyga.... autêntico e alto-astral Parabéns pelo post Safari está mara...... Sucesso Bjsss :)

Anonymous said...

What an excellent dress! I love the elephant photo and the one of you peaking through the fronds.

jamie-lee said...

These photos are fantastic, you're such a cutie! Looks like you had an awesome time. Hope America is fun x

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

@ everyone:
It was fun on some levels, but definitely an embarrassing photo shoot. Imagine being outside a shopping centre at 9 am watched by 8 security guards while pretending to be afraid of a fake elephant and well... I'm sure lots of you have been there!

A said...

As usual awesome pictures..elephant looks so big...nice gives the size perfect when compared with you

SMASH said...

um weird that I bought a straw safari hat a few days ago and have been googling safari style like crazy as of late!!! Seriously though! I actually think I might be like a 1920s safari/ big game huntress for halloween so the hunt (ha!) begins for cream and khaki colored everythingggg!


Annie Lollapalooza said...

lucky! england, i envy =P
you look so cute, i love your dress and hat! and the pictures are amazing!

MAUD said...

this was too cute!

Raquel said...

this is a very fun photoshoot :)
I really like your hat.
oh and about what you said, all the photos I posted are from the TRF (which means trafaluc) department at Zara. I actually love some items from the Woman department but the lookbook is not as pretty. Oh and TRF is supposed to be for a younger public indeed!

have a safe trip to England, I may be going to there soon actually, just need to find myself a job there first ;)

Molly said...

That hat is adorable.
And your pictures made me giggle. It's fun to see you having fun!

v a m p i r e said...

haha i love the quirky and fun poses in all the photos esp the one with the elephant so cute

oh so the post i comment earlier about the lugage is about your trip to ENgland , well sorry i am a little late to read this because i am still new to your blog

but have a safe trip and most of all have fun ♥

CAITLIN said...

okay, so #1: i love this look.
#2: i love your life. how the heck do you manage to live this way? i'm totally jealous.

ana said...

These pics are great!! Is that the Elefant from Centro Magno?
you look lovely ;)

Lenne said...

Your posts are always too cute :D I love the dress!

Miss T said...

hello art deco :).
you look great hun.

Lisa said...

these pictures are adorable..looks fun..I love elephants:)