Thursday, 30 September 2010

back to mexican mansions


That was quick wasn't it? One day in England, the next back lounging in front of some colourful colonial architecture! Of course, and rather sadly, these pictures were taken before my departure. Knowing I wouldn't have much time when I first got here, I stocked up on photographs before I left. And now, as well as making my life a little easier, they make me a little nostalgic.



I think when I put this outfit together one morning, I had ideas that it could be a good fall look for once I got here. Which just goes to show that I have no imagination when it comes to the weather. I guess with tights, a scarf, and a jacket I will wear this out of the house, but by that point it will hardly be the same look anymore.

The photos were taken at a lovely little place near where I lived. It's a bar/cafe after 1 pm, with theatrical productions on Thursdays and a constant showing of Back to the Future III on Sunday nights.







dress: Vero Moda
necklace: Mexican
cardigan: Current
boots: Steve Madden
belt: stolen from my mother


Krystal said...

the flowers in mexico are always so your pics!

Emilie said...

your pictures always make me so happy!!! :D I'm in love with your boots btw :)


Shallow Mallow said...

Great outfit :) I've been accessorizing with coats and gloves for a while now.. my icey ears begrudge my continuing search for the perfect beret though. I think I might have to speed that one up a bit..

Love that last photo - the blue house and the green van - too cool (only not cool at all but looking lovely and warm :P)

Anthea said...

Love the location. So, it's okay if you show us Mexico pics until you are settled in.

Those boots are awesome! Love the whole outfit.

Embracing Style

Thrive on Novelty said...

Gorgeous outfit, its one of my faves i think! Looks amazing xx

Closet Fashionista said...

Love the outfit!!!

v a m p i r e said...

Emily,someday if i have the chance to visit Mexico , do show me around

i love the brown boots and overall that is a wonderful outfit

with love


A said...

Very nice picture.

SG said...

Beautiful pictures. Still nostalgic about Mexico? Me too. Whenever we return from a vacation to Mexico, the pleasant memories linger with us for a long time.

Lenne said...

Hiiii I hope England's been good to you! I love the dress in this outfit :D

Ashley said...

Back to the Future III??? So random. haha.

Pictures ALWAYS make me nostalgic, especially pictures of me in different countries!

Carys said...

These pictures are so lovely, what an amazing place, and your outfit is so nice too!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

I'm glad you stockpiled photos of bright & warm Mexico for viewing on these bleak & dreary days! :)

milly said...

Just found your blog.. Via others, as usually happens ~ i enjoy looking around and following other bloggers!

I'm from England and just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your 1st few posts about holiday-ing over here :)
I've never been to Whitby!
May sound cheesy, but it's so nice to read about someone's positive times over here... Whilst I am always making plans to move to the US, I am bizarrely fond of being British & it's especially nice to hear how much you love tea (!) did you try Earl Grey whilst you were over here??! it's my absolute favourite!
So it's your dad's side that's British right?
Have you any plans to come back?!
Take care! X

Elaine said...

Wow, Mexico already?? :)

Love the pics! and that necklace is gorge.

CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

Anonymous said...

The photos of the roses are lovely and I am coveting the boots. I'm shopping for a pair so may have to check these out...

Lisa said...

what a gorgeous house and I love your necklace!

ching said...

wow look at those flowers. so lovely and so are you.

Outofseasonface said...

You look absolutely gorgeous! I feel like you blend in with your backgrounds so perfectly :) I'll miss your Mexico posts!

CAITLIN said...

i love everything about this outfit--the royal blue really pops against the white dress. it makes me think of the photographs of bone-white grecian buildings against the bright mediterranean sea :) mexico is so colorful!

Jennifer Dawn said...

I really like your outfit! The house in the background is really interesting. Great photos!

Spence. said...

Sweet outfit, ooh and the pink plant is adorable, I've never seen anything like it! :o

Michal said...

These photos are beautiful! I love your outfit too. Great boots. :D


Wendy said...

Looks like a really lovely place to be :)
And that outfit is too cute! Love the blue, brown and white combo.


Anonymous said...

So I love these boots, too cute. And I'm so jealous of all your travelling. It's like summer never ended for you.

Beverley said...

LOVE your photography of the flowers, they're amazing! and i'm completely drooling over your turquoise beaded necklace, it's gorgeous!

Bea said...

I really like dresses with classic flat boots like that. It's one of my favorite looks. I am just waiting to find my perfect flat boots so I can try it out myself :)

Back to the Future III is my least favorite. First is best!

Bea from A plus B

Karol Duarte said...

I loved the pictures.
well, you travel a lot, but you live in Mexico?

mariska said...

that's a sweet dress!


Gorgeous Clara said...


that looks like a beautiful place!

Anything but Bland said...

absolutely gorgeous, wow!!!!! :):):)

How new are you to blogging? You're doing so well! :) congrats!

love, polly

ChocoDisco said...

hey thank you for the lovely comment on my blog =)

you look totally cute in this outfit, loving the colors of your cardigan and necklace!

Jenny said...

I LOVE the picture of you on the steps!

Molly said...

Back to the Future III? Random.
Those Boots? Perfection.

ana said...

Esa casa nunca la he visto pero que lindo color!! tus botas son lo máximo