Sunday, 3 July 2011

IFB Links a la Mode

I was super chuffed not only to make this week's Links a la Mode, but also to get a shout out in the introductory blurb. Although given the subject matter of that, I probably shouldn't mention it but should fade into the background and tell you to check everyone else out. So, go check everyone else out!

Hey blogger. Get over yourself. Seriously.

Edited by Vahni of Grit & Glamour
This week I'm fresh out of love and rainbows, so there will be no kumbaya intro. Doesn't mean I don't love y'all, but I have got to tell you that lately, I'm a wee bit peeved by the fame-whoring and big-noting going on in the fashion blogosphere (and Twitterverse). Who of us doesn't want brand endorsements and blogging fame? We're all stars in our own right, and there is nothing wrong with ambition. But no one likes a self-absorbed, one-sided braggart. And no one likes an ass-kisser. Period.
Have you given props to someone other than yourself lately? Is every status update about hyping you? Is everything in your life now about the blog? As Emily of Ruby Slipper Journeys wonders in her post, are you capturing reality on your blog or manufacturing it? If any of this sounds like you, you might be on the road to becoming a full-blown fame monster. Maybe it's time to check yourself.

A Challenge

If you're destined for blogging fame, it will come through dedication, professionalism, and genuine respect. Through interaction, supporting your community, and authenticity. Let's take blogging back to its roots. This week's roundup is chock full of posts teeming with creativity, wit, and wisdom. I challenge you all to not only read and comment on at least 10 blog posts, but to share them as well. Find something that resonates with you and tweet it, like it, stumble it. All those hearts and thumbs up weren't made just for you.

Links à la Mode: June 30th


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islabell said...

hell yeah

whitemaskgirl said...

That is good that they write about this. It probably makes people more down to earth, and that is important i think. :)

Amber Blue Bird said...

woo hoo!

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

I love your blogger poses post. Is it bad to say this really resounded with me because I'm increasingly sick of blogging (particularly about clothes?). me back xo
I gotta go read and catch up on your posts

Shybiker said...

You deserve all the applause. And thank you for your kind comments today. BTW, I always thought of you as brave: you travel a lot, you exhibit confidence, you look strong. If you were any braver, you'd be an astronaut!

Michal said...

That's awesome Emily! You're post was really awesome & definitely deserved to be featured. I agree with Kal that blogging about clothes has been getting a bit old, & it's so cool to see you say it like it is. Keep up the good work. :]

So Yeah So said...

I'm a new reader and I'm definitely going to check out the post that was cited. I'm new to blogging and my reader is a mix of established blogs and newer ones. Sometimes I really prefer the newer ones because they seem so fresh, and because the girls are wearing outfits that aren't entirely made up of c/o items.