Sunday, 4 September 2011






Up on the dirt road leading to my grandfather's house (near the Muskoka region in Ontario).

This was the first time I'd been to my grandfather's house in the summer for about ten or eleven years. We used to go every summer when I was a kid, but after my family moved to the West Coast it got a lot more complicated (five day drives across the country with a full car and at least one smelly dog complicated). It was good to be back, except for the ^#*##&@ weather. One of my favourite things about the lake is the wildlife. I've always lived in a city, and while Canadian cities get their fair share of interesting birds, (and bears! in Vancouver), wildlife is obviously far more present in the country. Chipmunks run squeaking through the forest in the morning--and the house on this trip, tormenting my poor dog. Small toads rustle through the underbrush. Raccoons flick masked and bright-eyed in the shadows, woodpeckers tap, and tiny jewelled hummingbirds flicker among the branches. We even saw a flying squirrel one night, raiding the bird-feeder. And a distant loon--Canada's symbolic bird.

Despite all this, there's a sad lack of diversity compared with years ago. Even when I was a child, the older generations in my family rued the changes to the wildlife, particularly the fish stock, which has been pretty decimated by pollution through the years.

It's not all negative though. The leaches appear to be one of the species not to have made it!




Photos by Shona

top: vintage 1950s top, won in giveaway from Oma Vintage on Etsy, shorts from Barcelona a few years ago, Urban Outfitter sandals, Shona's old anchor necklace, binoculars found in the cottage.


Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

I know what you mean about the wildlife changing, I feel like when I was a kid in upstate NY there was quite a few more bears.
It sounds really magical near your grandfather's. Hummingbirds have always reminded me of fairies.
You look really casual and relaxed, which I hope means that you're taking some time to chill out!

Tilly Mix said...

I love your sandals so so much. I think I've said this before actually? Haha, but it's true! The UK Urban Outfitters just refuses to have this style in my size, how rude.

Hope you had a lovely time, that looks like such a peaceful place :)


Krystal said...

i always love going to visit my childhood haunts, but it is kind of sad sometimes to see how everything changes. or else i had rosey glasses when i was a kid :)

Norbyah said...

and how about that belt? so cute!

Norbyah said...

OMG! just looked again and realized the belt is actually part of the shirt. silly me. that's what i get for reading my blogs late at night. ha!


Shybiker said...

It's sad how man's activities have affected the natural world. Diversity is diminishing at an alarming rate.

That said, you are the best-dressed nature-lover!

CessOviedo said...

Being so close to wildlife is amazing so liberating, the view from there is beautiful! Love your necklace! Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

What a great post! It looks really lovely and very beautiful there..

I miss Canada in the summer :(

Rebecca said...

It must be so interesting being surrounded by such different wildlife, sounds like quite a special place. Love the top, nautical and vintage are a very good combination.

gee said...

it looks really beautiful there..great photos.
i am a city girl and moving to west virginia was a BIG change for me.. seeing deer, skunks, and other creatures is common everyday..
i went to my apartment complex manager about a month ago and said, "i just want you to know there are 2 skunks in the parking lot." she said, "you live next to a forest what do you want me to do about it?" hahaha..i guess nothing. :P

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

@Gee: Haha, yeah my mom wanted to put a trap for the approximately 3000 ants marching across the garden yesterday, but as my sister pointed out, they have a right to be there!

Closet Fashionista said...

It looks so amazing there! :D And yayy for animals

April said...

I want your red shoes!

Christy said...

Your photos are beautiful; it looks like an amazing area! In truth, I'm not outdoorsy by any stretch of the imagination, but all that sparkling water and wildlife seem pretty incredible. I'd love to visit Canada at some point.

As for your outfit, that top is so good! The little ribbon, the sailor style... You look lovely!

Ashley said...

This is picturesque Canada to me. Love the vintage top :)

Terri said...

What gorgeous country! As I read, you reminded me of a guy I knew in Yellowstone National Park who kept a flying squirrel as a pet in his front pocket. It was a friendly creature...but actually leapt rather than flew.

islabell said...

those summers must have been amazing this is so pretty! I love your shirt lady, that nautical vibe look is working so well.

Caterina Salvietti said...

So cute your blog!
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xoxo Katy

Dresses for Dinner said...

These shorts are great!

Hannah said...

What a beautiful place, the top is adorable on you!

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

What a beautiful spot to call home. Your grandfather is a lucky man. One of the very best things about the countryside is noticing the wildlife (and the balance between everything in the grand scheme of things). I try not to take it for granted as it's so precious and, as our elders know, can change before our eyes. I'm glad you were been able to enjoy all that being lakeside had to offer.

Your top would be awesome with just the stripes and sailor collar, but the yellow ribbon really takes it to new heights. Love it and your entire outfit, really.

CAITLIN said...

my dad and i were discussing the changing wildlife while floating on my parents' pond recently... we used to have so many frogs and salamanders in there it was practically overflowing with them. last time i went i only saw a few frogs and no salamanders to speak of.

my favorite critter to spot around vermont is the blue heron--they are so incredibly majestic (and enormous!)