Wednesday, 7 September 2011

summer stories: the readers edition part 2!

Here's the rest of the great reader submissions to the Summer Stories series. These are all keeping me warm right now as the rain literally buckets down outside.

Right, got to run, thesis due tomorrow (or tonight if I'm organized)!

from Penny of Striped Socks Play Ping Pong

"Me and my best friend in Greece and represents all that's summer for me: blue sky, friends, sea, (anklets of course)! :)"

from Julia of La Belle Oiselle

"I guess you could say I was somewhat of a hermit this summer. It's just that instead of socializing with people, I socialized with my environment. This was taken at a petting zoo in a local park. I'd take goats any day of the week over a person small-talking my head off."

from Louise of For Sentimental Reasons

"On the sunniest weekend this August my long lost cousins and their ballet troupe from Canada made their way to my house in suburban London for a reunion (if you can call it such, we had never met before.) They were more silly, more funny and more wonderful than I ever could have imagined. We ate cake, drank tea and spoke until we were hoarse. There is nothing sweeter than meeting your own family for the first time, in any season, but to do so in the height of summer was particularly lovely."

from Jazzy Elizabeth of Hivenn

"This summer's been amazing."

from Rachel of Bats and Rags

"This photo may look familiar to Twin Peaks fans: it's Laura's Log! In June we took a trip to a little town in Washington state called Poulsbo, and I just about died when I discovered a pivotal scene for one of my favorite tv shows was filmed just down the road! We had to sneak through the closed grounds of the Kiana Lodge (shh!) to get to the log, where it sits by the Puget Sound, surrounded by lovely roses."

from Monique of Tipa Tipa

I spent four days on a New England getaway for a friend's bachelorette party. I climbed out of my tent and snapped this photo just before the sun came up.
Saco River, New Hampshire

from me!

Sadly that picture is probably most representative of my summer, as I battle with this paper in various caf├ęs. I definitely prefer the gorgeous, sunny or foggy, human or animal accompanied shots the rest of you have submitted though. Obviously, due to summer being over, I'm no longer accepting submissions. Next year though!


Emily M. said...

Im a 12 year old girl and I draw fashion designs,If you wanna see it,go on,oh and Im gonna follow you,bcuz I really like your blog ;)

Ashley said...

Gotta love the feet picture. hehehe. Yay, you're at the finish line with your thesis! :) Almost there!!!!!

HailesHeartsFashion said...

I love all the pictures :) What a great idea :) I have the perfect picture of me and my family on the beach so next year it is :) So which is the best country you have been to so far (asking this question after reading your profile piece)??

Hailes <3

Closet Fashionista said...

So much fun! I love all these photos :D Woot for summer

Anonymous said...

Just think, tomorrow the thesis is over!!!

I love the photo of the red canoe in the fog and can totally agree with Julia about the goats.

Norbyah said...

at least you had some good cups of coffee (the one in your picture looks good). enjoy tomorrow, when your thesis is turned in and you can start a new adventure!

Carrie said...

Hoping that thesis is DONE by now! What comes next for you? As for me, I'm more than ready for some rainy fallish days - I enjoyed the summer, but my favorite kind of days are those overcaste, rain drizzling ones where I can huddle up inside somewhere with a good book and mug of something hot and possibly a soft blanket. Heaven.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

You'd love today in Hamilton then, Carrie. It's been raining constantly for two days!

And yes, as of an hour ago, the thesis is DONE!

dusanabotswana said...

It is TOTALLY still summer still! Oh, well, lame me for never getting in a picture to you. I really enjoyed this series, it's so fun to see the variety of pictures and places submitted.

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

I love how varied and all-around perfect summer can be from canoes and trampolines to wildflowers and bare feet.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Don't know how I missed this, thanks for featuring me! x hivenn

Penny said...

oo thank you for putting up my picture Emily!it is so nice to read those summer stories in delay- they prolongue a really short summer like the one I had this year!