Tuesday, 20 July 2010

£s to Stuff!

Shoes, wonderful shoes

I may have gone to England with only carry-on, but I knew myself well enough to include a backpack in that carry-on, so I could check the case on the way back. As was inevitably necessary.

In fact, I was pretty good. The Oxford shoes above I'd actually bought on ebay and had them shipped to the family in Canada, so this was just me picking them up. But otherwise, well, there were sales, and England is just so much fun...

The cheapest teapot I'd seen in Mexico was $50! Apparently drinking tea is a bit of a niche activity here. So I took advantage of being in England to buy a better one for £4. Yorkshire tea and Heather honey round out my taste-bud nostalgia. Heather honey is made from heather that grows on the Yorkshire moors, and has a unique, strong and wild taste. Mmmmmm.....

Saturated colour
A wonderful colourful floral dress that will doubtless be making many more appearances

Books in English! Perfection! These are all children's books, and there's a reason for that... the reason is not that I'm a child, but it will wait until another post!

A shirt from Paul and Joe Sister that came free with a magazine (bonus!) and some new nailpolish that called to me and sucked up to me and demanded I buy them from the duty free (too much time in an airport is a bad thing).

Incidentally, I usually come back from international flights looking very much like this:
I just can't resist trying everything on. I am the scourge of duty-free make-up shops! Does anyone else enjoy this as much as I do?


Abi-Anne said...

This looks like such fun trip! Makes me want to head to England right now. Love the oxfords and floral print dress.
One thing I like about traveling is the time spent at the airport before hand perusing through all the duty-free shops.

Thanks for stopping by my blog Emily. Do come by more often ;)


Velvet said...

I love your blog!

Closet Fashionista said...

Love those shoes!!
and yea I know! I couldn't find a closer bag for a cheaper price, its totally not as awesome as the other 2...I was getting so mad...haha

Christina said...

i absolutely looove those shoes && that chanel color is my favorite !

Anthea said...

Love love love the shoes! I would love so much to take a trip overseas. You are so lucky!

Arielle said...

so many great treasures!! my goodness

Charmalade said...

I know what you mean about those duty-free shops at airports. I can't lie, I was tempted by the Chanel (you have the perfect color minty nail polish!) and Lancome, but my wallet said noooo.

I really like your blog, I liked your story about your "dragon." :)

Toast with Charmalade

johanna said...

Looove the shoes

Lulu and the Locket said...

you are so cute, love your blog! I lived in Scotland for about 4 years in my twenties - love it there (but not in January). I would love to go to Canada as I have quite a few relatives out there - near New Brunswick! I am a major tea addict and Alice's Adventure in Wonderland is one of my all time favourite books ahhh! x

CAITLIN said...

i love your blog! england is one of those countries that i've never been inspired to visit, but you're turning me around! these places look incredibly gorgeous--i'm jealous.

also gorgeous: your shoes!

Emily said...

Ooh, what a nice haul to take back with you! I didn't know there wasn't much of a tea culture in Mexico. Good thing you were able to score a reasonably priced teapot! Ah, Taylors of Harrogate's Yorkshire tea. Delicious! I first tried it last year when a friend brought me some home from England! I'm still working through my bag of loose leaf and have actually been able to find it over here (usually in the market's international section), so I'm happy in the fact that I'll never be without it.

Paislea Elyse said...

i love those brogues!

♥ http://www.allisterbee.blogspot.com

Galine said...

i pretty much bought those exact same shades of nailpolish a few weeks ago! (along with an electric blue one) i've never been one for blue nailpolish but i love it!!!

Raquel said...

oh emily I was reading some posts back and thougth I'd ask you, do you know the brand fly london is actually portuguese? :) i don't know why they chose the name but it is.
oh and that happens to me too when I find places that sell nail polishes that you can try samples on! haha