Thursday, 22 July 2010

slow food on a balmy night


Last week the man who runs the cafe nearest to my apartment told me that he was hosting an evening of "Slow Food," and in the name of getting out more, I decided to go.

When I used to teach English, there was a unit in one of the books about Slow Food, so I was able to drone away to anyone who would listen, "Slow Food is a movement that started in Italy in the '90s as a rebellion against the culture of McDonalds, eating on the run, the accelerated North American lifestyle, etc. etc." My boyfriend thought it meant the food took forever to arrive. This also proved to be true!


Anyway, it was a nice evening, of wine, tequila, meeting new people, and trying new foods. The food itself was quite nice, although the portions were tiny. I usually finish dinner looking like an African orphan with a distended belly, but this time I felt like an African orphan and would have headed straight to McDonalds if it wasn't so contrary to the nature of the evening! I did end up getting up at five in the morning to eat a banana!

The chef, Jaime Lubin, had a hilarious way of talking about food. "Now we shall have nopales, done in the traditional napolitana style." My boyfriend and I snorted into our tequila at that point, since nopales are an edible Mexican cactus and I'm pretty sure the Italians have never heard of them in their lives! But this guy has some funny ideas in general. Last time we met him, he told us that Mexico had never been a Spanish colony.

Cropped terrace

And here's me, on the terrace before dinner! The dress is from Spanish department store El Corte Ingles. I just love the puffed sleeves! The earrings are handmade by Vanja Brankovic in Vancouver.


johanna said...

Ohh you're so pretty

Paislea Elyse said...

that is such a cute dress!


Christina said...

awww the snails are so cute :)

winter said...

thanks for your nice comment! i just replied on my blog. And if you're ever again looking for your ideal dress, describe it to me, maybe i'll be able to make it!
and i love italian food by the way!

Chaucee said...

What a cute idea Slow Food is! :D
And love the dress!

Tilly said...

Hi Emily
Thanks for your comment on my blog. It makes me so happy that someone is considering taking up sewing, possibly partly inspired by little moi! You really should give it a go, it's not as difficult as some people like to make out, and the beauty of it is that most mistakes can be rectified.
The slow food evening sounds fun... and funny! Good to read an honest report of an evening out on a blog (rather than the usual "ohhh it was so perfect"-style musings)!

Velvet said...

That food looks awesome. You are very kind!


shealennon said...

I love the puffy sleeves on that dress too, it's so pretty! That dinner sounds like an interesting night! I've heard of the Slow Food movement, but I didn't know it started in Italy!

Charmalade said...

That dress is so very pretty on you (puff sleeves! they are a must). I've been guilty of shuffling off to the nearest Mcdonalds when I had to get a quick bite, so I'm really curious about slow food. I wonder if all slow food has such small portions, though. O_o

Toast with Charmalade

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

i love food and food is all i wanted!

Ashley said...

Love! And OMG about slow food tiny portions, even at some vegan places the portions are minuscule... at least it saves me from having a food baby.

I'm so excited to see your posts about Guadalajara, i'm so obsessed with Mexico its not even funny. Have you been to the pyramids at all? I heard you can't climb them anymore!


Emily said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for all your lovely comments! And just to clarify: slow food doesn't necessarily have small portions; it's more of a "way of life," compatible with organic food for example, and is just about slowing down and learning to enjoy the small things, like eating. There's no reason why you can't make massive amounts of slow food at home!

@Ashley: I have indeed been to some pyramids, last year, and the ones I went to you could still climb. There may be some that are too delicate these days though, I'm not sure. Perhaps I'll post some "pyramid nostalgia" pictures soon!

Anthea said...

I love that dress! It is very unique. I like the concept of slow food :)

Embracing Style

Yaneldys said...

That dress is darling!
I experienced a great deal of slow food in Italy and France, which was definitely new for me since i'm used to being rushed in restaurants in NY haha. But, if you are in good company (or funny company haha) its pretty fun!

Closet Fashionista said...

So cool! This is the second Slow Food post I read weird is that?! But that place looks really cool :D

Lisa said...

such a cute dress!

Emily said...

A Slow Food dinner event sounds like a great time. The accelerated North American lifestyle sure can be exhausting. It's refreshing to escape it even in the simplest of ways.