Friday, 31 December 2010

Flashback! The Ghost of Holidays Past



We're all supposed to be looking forward to 2011, but I'm going to use these last few hours of 2010 to look back even farther... to the kinds of festivities my family have every year to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. This year's been a bit different; I'm in Barcelona (which is great, don't get me wrong) and my family were in the upheaval of moving over the Christmas season. Things will be a bit different but equally fun in the future I'm sure, but here's a little look back at some of my favourite festive moments...

Christmas dinner got a bit surreal last year after my grandfather got a headlamp for a present. My uncle keeps his best straight face. It's terrible getting old.

Flaming Christmas pudding!

Me and my two fantastic sisters. Paper crowns are mandatory!

On New Years' Eve we usually play board games over endless bottles of wine and sparkling wine.

Some people are suspected of being devious.

Some people are suspected of being drunk.

Some are just confused as to what all the fuss is about.

At all festive occasions for the last several years, our family friend opens the bubbly and Shona stands with the waiting glass. We're big traditionalists. It's never going to be any other way.

Then everybody makes sure there is an exactly equal distribution of liquid between the glasses. Our friend evens them out with a spoon. Newcomers sometimes say, "Oh, never mind, I'll take the one with less." That is not the point. They must be equal. And then we all stand around making mock-pretentious comments like, "you can definitely taste the slight hint of rosehip and saskatoonberry on the palate."

Sometimes, guitars are brought and old folk songs are played...

And others sing along.

There's a constant at every party: Shona always falls asleep on the couch.


Absolutely always.

Happy New Year Everyone! It's been great getting to know you all, and I'm looking forward to "seeing" you all again in 2011!


A said...

Very good post. Enjoyed a lot.

Color, class and country do not make any difference when it comes to family coming together to celebrate. I just have to replace people with my family and rest remains same....:)))))

Happy New Year to you too Emily and wish you achieve your goals that you set for 2011 if any.

Closet Fashionista said...

Hehe so much fun to look back on times past :D :D YAYYY :D

daisychain said...

Have a fabulous NYE and all the best for 2011! xxx

Tashrin said...

It was really beautiful going back down memory lane with you.

Have a wonderful New Year :)

Look forward to hearing from you


Tashrin from Toronto, Canada

sojourned in style said...

humourous. delightful. loved it. the "Some people/are....." were so great. i must say your family traditions are pretty entertaining to see. Happy New Year!!

Velvet said...

Happy new year!!

Thanks for sharing these photos, they're lovely and funny at the same time.

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

Your post had me grinning ear to ear.

"Some folks were suspected of being drunk.. Some are just confused as to what all the fuss is about!"

I just adore you! I hope that this new year is truly wonderful for you. You are one of the sweetest gals I've had the pleasure of meeting through the blogging community, and I am so grateful for that!

Wishing you well!

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

Happy New Year, Emily!
Your family's holiday traditions look so delightful. I've always been a bit bummed that we never do Christmas crackers. Oh well. I plan on starting that tradition when I have a family of my own (or when I'm fully in charge of the season's festivities).

The picture of your grandpa wearing the headlamp is so great. My dad actually gave me one of those a few months ago - haha. I haven't really used it, but it's there should I ever need it ;)

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Awh you write so beautifully. Lovely photos too. xx

Shallow Mallow said...

Happy New Year :)
Your family celebrations sound like a lot of fun too!

Tilly said...

Hehe, they look like some fun dos... and great way to reminisce with photo round ups. Can I come next time? ;)

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

This made me laugh so hard! Your CHristmases look like such a great time! (Im the one in my house that falls asleep on the couch), and that headlamp pic is amazing. Families are the best.
ps- the seychelles boots I have are from way back from 2008, and about an inch higher than the similar style they have out now (which I'm saving for because of the lower heel height). They are beyond comfy but the height on the Romance ones is a bit lower and better for work.

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

that picture of your grandfather is absolutely hilarious - my grandmother sort of does the same thing, but with a ridiculous beret.

Terri said...

the headlamp looks like something that would happen at our Christmas. :)

Lula said...

Haha I LOVED reading this post. I think the best part is your Grandfather with the head lamp. My father bikes to go to work, he wears one just like that. When he comes home I always think he started digging a tunnel somewhere.

Raquel said...

I loved reading this, I'm such a nosy blogger haha!
You and your sisters look so different but also so much alike at the same time, can't explain it. And the sleeping Shona pictures are so funny!

Happy New Year sweet Em, looking forward to seeing you again, lets hope it'll be soon ;)

Henar said...

what a funny post, very very cool!!

Madeline said...

This is cute! happy new year!

A Little Brighter said...

You look so very lovely and this all looks like so much fun! We are traditionalists here too and every Christmas is the same with us, but I love it! What a cute outfit too!

Ayesha x

Jenny Morris said...

such nice festivities to look back on. Happy New Year, Im so happy to have found your blog in the last few months.


Anything but Bland said...

looks like you had a great time. I am sorry to hear that about your grandma, too. Mine is so lucky, she lives at home by herself.. she is still sweet as can be to me.. so I appreciate it. Thanks for your kind comment :P

Ashley said...

this is so damn cute. and your family is a gem!!! I love the part about being a pretentious alcohol taster...I know too many of those. ha.

Lenne said...

The way your family celebrate festivities looks fabulous! I love love loved this post.

I hope you'll have an amazing 2011!! ♥

Noelle Chantal said...

Aww very cute Happy New Year photos! Looks like everyone enjoyed the night. And funny your gift that your grandfather received, the headlight so cute! :)

Wish all the best this year!

eliza said...

aw, i love your christmas photos & your family traditions...i think there's something so reassuring about some of the same things happening every year & little traditions being made! i also agree that paper hats are so essential! :)

happy new year :)

mode. said...

looks like great fun!
happy new year!
<3 mode.

sbot said...

haha, that shot of your grandpa is awesome.

<3 Stephanie said...

looks like fun family time...Happy New Year

Laura said...

thanks for sharing your family traditions- your grandfather looks darling!

jess said...

aww the photos look so happy and fun! hope you have a fabulous 2011!


danniekate said...

lovely family shots, your family look so lovely :) happy 2011! xx

Erin Cathleen said...

Fun photos! Your family looks like a hoot! :)

Happy new year!

CAITLIN said...

this was a great post--i love getting a glimpse into your fun family life :) someday i'll have to do a post like this--my family also has plenty of fun doing the same exact thing year in and year out :)

Anthea said...

What an awesome post! This really warms my heart! Spending time with family is really priceless. I must admit I've been moaning about the holiday season and how full everything is, but I just realised that it's the best time to be with family and that trumps everything else. That being said, I would also like to experience the holidays in another country some day.

Embracing Style

ana said...

Happy New Year darling! These family pictures are fantastic! love the golden crowns!! Hope we read each other also in this 2011!
big hug to you!