Sunday, 27 February 2011




I'm feeling a bit braindead tonight, after reading the world's most tedious article, so I'll keep it short (short for me): favourite sweater+coffee outdoors+favourite square in Barcelona= A+

The square in question is in front of the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona, or MACBA. It's an impressive white and glass building that shines like a beacon as you emerge from the narrow streets into the centre of the Raval district. Raval is an area that continues to resist gentrification: posh new condos were put up, but the dodginess couldn't be weeded out of the neighbourhood and the yuppies are apparently leaving in droves again.

The skateboarders remain, despite official attempts to ban them. ; )



Photos by Albert

dress: H&M (old old old)
shirt: Pure by Alfred Sung
sweater: vintage hand-me-down
belt: vintage Mom's
shoes: Steve Madden via ebay
bag: handmade in Vancouver

Now, on to the title. "Poses" is one of my favourite songs by Rufus Wainwright, and I was definitely made to feel like a poser by this little boy:
who ran into my picture. I tried to get him back to take more pictures, but he just ran off and cackled at me from a safe distance...

Last but not least, I'm including a slightly cheesy, but ultimately sweet video featuring my lovely sometime home of Barcelona. The city looks beautiful as always, and it's a wonderful testimony to the end of an era in a life.


sojourned in style said...

its a beautiful city purely on your words and pictures alone. adore what your wearing. the dresss is amazing as well as the sweater. that boy in the background is quite the personality. i love your poses regardless

Jenni said...

Haha! That little boy is great! Gotta love photo bombs! I love the combination of the sweater and the floral dress here. Barcelona looks gorgeous!

Erin D said...

Ahhaha! This reminds me of one time at the mall these 2 kids (must've been 6 or 7) kept trying to pose with some manikins in the GAP Kid's store window. This one employee kept trying to shoo them out but it was useless :D

黃愛玲 said...

Haha, that kid is adorable.
I love the outfit. It's well put together. =o)

Anonymous said...

Haha the little lad is brilliant! Love what you;re wearing here, dresses & jumpers are favourite combinations in my book but love how you've added a shirt underneath too. Barcelona looks beautiful...the bit of sky in one photo is such a bright blue! :) I'm so behind with your blog...I had a quick scroll down & looks like you have so many more fab photos so will be reading your other posts tomorrow! :)

Closet Fashionista said...

Haha I love this! I LOVE how you are sorta pointing at the skateboarder in that photo and then that little boy is so awesome, haha

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful parting message to Barcelona, but I have to confess that my favorite pic in this post in the young man voguing in your background.

Laura said...

i love the outfit!! your skirt and shoes are sooo cute!
and that picture with the boy is adorable!


Molly said...

That little skateboarding poser in your last picture is too too cute. I'm bummed he wouldn't stick around for more shots.

You look great tooooooo, but he a little bit stole my attention. Sorry.

Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

Anonymous said...

Cracking over the boy on the back, he looks so funny! ... Video is so touching, loved the tickets on balloon idea, wish you so much luck on your new adventure!


Leia said...

BAHAHA that boy is hilarious! I find it so hard to take pictures in public because I don't want people to think I'm a poser. Ah well! You look adorable!


dimi said...

What a great post!! My bf has been to Barcelona, but I haven't and I always wanted to! I'm new in your blog, so I have no idea what were you doing there in the first place, but your presentation of the town is great and the video is so touching...I love the outfit and that you can rock these shoes and take public pictures! (I'm kind of shy to do that, like Leia..)Have a lovely day dear!!

Xavi said...

que bonitas los comentarios y el video. Estoy de acuerdo con lo que dices del Raval (antes llamado Barrio Chino). Montaron el museo, al lado la facultad de geografía e Historia, más abajo ponen la filmoteca, no sé que va a ser del barrio dentro de unos años.
Por otra parte, como que no es ningún secreo que me guntan las mujeres que visten las blusas abrochadas hasta el cuello (a mi también me gusta llevar las camisas así), decirte que estás guapísima. Impresionante.

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Hahah oh my god that's amazing. x hivennn

Sophie said...

Haha the little boy sure has the moves haha!
I love the brown shoes with your outfit!

Anthea said...

LOL at that little boy! He is so cute! Love your outfit as always.

That video is blocked from where I am surfing! :(

Embracing Style

Stef / Diversions said...

hehe that kid does one dramatic pose :D
Cute dress and funny story. Bless those yuppies *snigger*

Raquel said...

I went to MACBA and it was a very interesting experience really, I walked on glass!! :O And remember Raval and the skaters. It's exactly 2 years ago now that I've been there and looks like time hasn't passed at all.
I really like your skirt (or dress as skirt), sweater and shirt look. Those are some of my favourite things to wear!.
And I also saw that video on another blog, can't remember which, but it is awesome.

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

That boy is cho chweet.
And I love your skirt & belt!!!
Fashion Panache - Brides Maid Outfit
Parappalaru Falls - A picture Album

A said...

Cool pictures. :)) Pictures are full of life..not braindead

Lauren said...

Your outfit is too cute! And that building looks amazing. I do wish you got more pictures of that fashionable dude, he obviously has the best poses. :)

Sparrow & Urchin said...

LOL @ that boy in the background! Love all your poses ... Pretty skirt :)

PatriciaSilver said...

Yeay! Barcelona, I'm also going to Barcelona in May,

Nice outfit. C:
The kid looks so funny XD
Hope you had a lot of fun....

Lots of Love,

Nicole, Coco Maria said...

Oh goodness, I just love this outfit! The colors are so perfect, and I love the flowery pattern on your skirt.
Also, that picture with your little posing friend is too cute! :)

Ashley said...

that kid is SOOO cute!!!! LOVE IT!

I SO want the coffee in the second pic! Yes I'm an addict.

Amber Blue Bird said...

that little boy is so adorable...he does a good job posing too :)

Diana said...

what a beautiful video it gave me chills :) such a simple yet sweet idea i wish more people let out balloons all over the city with notes!! you look gorgeous -- love your little friend too ;)


v a m p i r e said...

i love love the cute outfit , the cardi and esp the shoes

haha and the boy was really funny at the back !

i miss your blog so sorry i have missed out so many of your posts cause i have abandoned mine

and the video i love the songgg..

Lesley said...

i love your tales of spain!! i lived in Salamanca for a little while and i miss it so much.

adorable little shoes. in love.

ana said...

Love your sweater and your shoes!
lovely video!
that picture with the kid posing is soo cool!

Lisa said...

lucky girl, I've only been to Barcelona once but what a fantastic city. Cute sweater!

From Suns To Moons said...

Beautiful story-telling, both with words and photography.

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

Haha, look at the grin on that boy's face. Too cute. Another lovely outfit, as usual. Belting the sweater was a nice touch.

What a sweet and inspiring video. Thanks for sharing it.

SMASH said...

Hey Miss Emily, diggin' the buttoned up collar fully, I just love that look right now!

Also, Barcelona is like one of the preeminent skate destinations in the world--the whole city has a lot of fixtures that make for good skateboarding and my boyfriend dreams of coming back to skate it ;)


Jenelle said...

I am loving your travel pics, that Kid was so cheeky! Ha ha. I'm your newest follower. Cheers for your comments.
Jenelle. x

Rosie said...

I love the print of your dress, and that boy is hilarious!
I really really want to go to Barcelona some day,

Rosie x

Steffy's Pro's and Con's said...

haha funny skateboarder! i love those shoes they are amazing, and adorable outfit!! thanks for commenting on my blog!

<3 steffy

ouestladiscotheque said...

That little boy is brilliant :D He's made my day xo

Rand T said...

love that advert
you look beautiful darling!:) xx

Lynn said...

Love your outfit! X.

CAITLIN said...

HAHA loved your insight on "kitchen sink" literature. spot on. i also hate anything written in the present tense (i am also generally annoyed when an author decides to tell a story from multiple perspectives, divided into character-assigned chapters) and amen to avoiding oprah and stories that span generations of strong-willed women. snooze.

i also say poo-poo to posh new condos. but i've got "the rare auld times" on my mind (speaking of rural ireland) after all the practicing we've been doing for our st patrick's day gig!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Well, Raval is half "rare auld times" and half "dodgy African pimp new times," but at least it's not gentrified (too much)!

PatriciaSilver said...

thank you, C:
I don't know if I'm really going...
But if.. Since one of the plans is going to the MACBA, I'm going to take my skate, henh C: