Saturday, 3 December 2011

fraggle says + links a la mode

Fraggle says... "have a good weekend ladies and gents!"

I'm in to Germany for nine days... can't wait for Christmas markets, mulled wine and... more mulled wine. (Actually I've already had some). Missing Fraggle already, but not my cat allergies.

Also, my post was featured in this week's Links a la Mode through IFB... as stated in the rules, here's the complete list of featured posts!

Shorter Days of Winter

Edited by: Meghan Donovan of WIT & Whimsy

If there’s one thing that’s clear from this week’s IFB Links a La Mode it’s that the holiday season is here! It’s time to get glam, dress warm and embrace everything that’s wonderful and fashionable these next few weeks for the holidays.
  • Avalon: 3 Necklaces to Own and How to Style Them
  • Blah Blah Becky: Instagram through the Day
  • Coming Unstitched: Stylng the Oversized Sweater
  • Elodie Bubble: The Best Shoes to Shine this Holiday Season
  • Fashion Tales: DIY: Dying Lace
  • Fashioned By Love: The Perfect Wardrobe According to YSL
  • Haute Cocktail: Faux Fur this Winter
  • Inexpensive Chic: 3 Ways to Wear the Sweater Dress
  • La Vie a Mon Avis: Sequined Pants for Holiday Chic
  • Miss Viki: Bringing vintage into your closet
  • Oranges and Apples: DIY Scarf Top
  • Ruby Slipper Journeys: Lessons Learned from Personal Style Blogging
  • Simply Frabulous: Infuse Stars into Your Wardrobe this Winter
  • Style. Love. Repeat.: 5 Minute Glam for the Holidays
  • Sugar and Chiffon: DIY: The Daytime Smoky Eye
  • Sugar and Spice: Dressing for Winter Party Weather
  • Thank FiFi: The Great Skinny Jean Debate
  • What2WearWhere: LBLD: The Little Black Leather Dress
  • The Chic Sheet: Python Obsession
  • WIT & Whimsy: Gift Guide: For the Hostess

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    (on skype the other day)


    Rachel, Cold Knees said...

    Fraggle is so cute! Is he missing an ear, poor thing? Enjoy Germany, I love the markets over there and the cheap gluhwein! xx

    Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

    @Rachel: one of his ears is sort of collapsed (I'm not sure why) but still there.

    Closet Fashionista said...

    haha aww Fraggle! :D
    And congrats on your post being featured!!! :D
    Have fun in Germany!!!! :D

    The Daily Fashionista said...

    My best friend's family is going to the Christmas markets this weekend!! I so wish I could go to those one of these days:) Have fun and enjoy all that mulled wine!! Scrumptious!

    Sarah said...

    I love your blog! I'm glad I found it. Following it from now on. (:
    And your cat looks so cute.

    Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

    Fraggle is ridiculously handsome.

    Zane said...

    lovely kitty

    Annebeth said...

    it's a gorgeous cat, never seen someone quite like him!

    Joui! said...

    Lovely cat! I also have one and he always sleeps on the Vogue!
    Amazing hahaha!
    Best wishes!

    Anonymous said...

    I had some veeery good Glühwein yesterday. There were pieces of orange in it!

    I'm usually not so proud of my country, but Germany really is the best place to celebrate Christmas! So many nice traditions and sweets...
    I love love love it!

    Greetings from Halle, Germany.

    April said...

    Such a polite kitteh!

    Nicole, Coco Maria said...

    Have a fun time in Germany! And my goodness, Fraggle is too cute!

    Ashley/ MILK TEETHS said...

    daww you and Fraggle are too cute. I am also excited for you for those Christmas markets! They sound so awesome. My mom went to Germany a few years ago around this time and she said the Christmas markets were amazing.

    Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

    Fraggle looks so thrilled to be Skyping ;)

    Visiting Germany at Christmastime is very high on my list of things to do. The markets! The food! Enjoy your nine days :)