Thursday, 11 November 2010

bloggers in soho!



The second half of my bloggy date with Raquel was fun, blessed with setting sunshine, and well, rather funny. I hadn't been to teh touristy Central London locations yet since I arrived, and my usual routine is so different that it was a bit surrealistic being in Soho and Trafalgar Square again. To add bloggy stereotypes to tourist stereotypes, we also passed by the Hummingbird Bakery in Soho, which I think is a bit renowned for fashion blogger meet-ups. I'm actually not so fond of cupcakes (I don't know why, since I like cake well enough), but neither of us could pass up the red velvet ones. We got take-away and sat eating them in Trafalgar Square and then ran around being even bigger tourists until it got dark.

I'm definitely hoping I get the chance to hang out with Raquel again!










Photos of me by Raquel, photo of the two of us by a passing stranger!

Skirt: Urban Outfitters
jacket/blazer: Smart set
pashmina scarf: gift
ancient boots: Timberland
tights: Boots
bag: my mother's orginally


A said...


You always have very good pictures. But this is the best out of all.

Lay Rosa said...

Greeeeat pictures!

Closet Fashionista said...

So fun!!! I love the photos!!! :D :D

Annushka said...

Wow!!!))) I like it!!! You very beautiful photos))) Lovely dear!!!)))

Molly said...

The pics are terrific. Those cupcakes look yummy, yummmmmmm. And I love your bright blue scarf.
Glad your "date" was such fun.
Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

Chaucee said...

Aw what fun!

ChocoDisco said...

ahhhhh new york... and red velvet?!
i think i want to fly back to new york now =(

Anonymous said...

the scarf is beautiful and I especially like the long view in the last photo.

Hanna C. said...

lovely pictures!!
the cupcakes look so yummy:D


Natalie said...

Looks like you guys had fun!


Anonymous said...

Lovely moments! Loved the Warhol cupcake thing =)
Have a great weekend! xo

CAITLIN said...

yay, fun! i don't really like cupcakes, either! what's the big deal? they're too hard to eat and they just taste like cake (which i do love, so maybe it's just a proportion thing). i like to eat my frosted treats with a fork, thank you very much!

ohhhhh elderly gentlemen and their entirely inappropriate remarks...

eagle-eye-cherry said...

I remember my days in London, I miss it so much. I read that you have been in Barcelona when you will post some pictures from there ?

Catita said...

How long are you staying in London? And what are you doing there? It is such a great city, which I could join you!

daisychain said...

looks like so much fun!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

@ eagle-eye-cherry: Barcelona pictures are coming right up! In between writing some essays! Yuck.

PaolinaBM said...

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ana said...

The pictures are beautiful! Have a great Weekend!

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

A red velvet cupcake is a hard thing to pass up ;)

You and Raquel put together some great posts of your meet up! Your photos certainly tell of a fun day!

fhen said...

looks like a superb day!
glad you had total fun!


Alexandra said...

Great Blog and im loving the post!
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ana b. said...

All those autumn leaves make such a perfect backdrop. I love it when bloggers meet up in real life.

Spence. said...

Ooooh red velvet cupcakes sound yummy, but what do they taste like exactly??
Glad you had a wonderful time on your blogger meet-up!

Jenny Morris said...

emily, this looks like the best day ever, and those cupcakes! YUMMM.

Olya said...

you girls got some hot handbags!!!!
xoxo, Olya

20 York Street said...

Blogger meet-ups are soo fun and cool! Though my friends, those in the know, are supportive, they don't exactly relate to the whole blogging thing!


Zabrinah said...

Great post! Hehe. This is awesome how you are adding to the blogger fashion meet-up tradition!

These pictures are really great, by the way!


Ashley said...

Love the leaf pictures. Beautiful.

Do you have a link to Raquel's blog, by the way?