Monday, 23 August 2010

errant stones


These were taken on the day I finally ventured into downtown Guadalajara... three months after moving here. In fact, I had come once before, but in hot-as-hades May, and I didn't manage to do anything on that occasion except wilt on a bench and feel sorry for myself. This time was thankfully much cooler.

I hummed and hawed over this skirt for ages, for the simple reason that it seemed pretty "'70s Mom." I decided it could be worn in a modern way, matched with the appopriate items--and promptly paired it with a blouse and bag both stolen from my mom, and both probably dating back to the '70s. So '70s mom it was, and I found a nice vintage-hued stone wall to complete the image!






skirt: Oysho
blouse and bag: stolen from my mother
sandals: Aldo
necklace: Accessorize (eons ago)
sunglasses (in last photo): Toronto Airport eons ago, I think.


Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh I like that skirt! And your sandals! :D

Chaucee said...

Totally love the leather details of this outfit. What cute shoes!

Rio said...

Maybe a super chic seventies mom! haha! Love that wall too! :)

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

Very '70s, I agree, but '70s mom? Hardly! The detailing on the blouse is very pretty. I would have swiped it, too ;)

Emily of New Moon. Oh, yes. I actually reread the Emily series a few months back. If you poke through the archives of my blog, specifically under the L.M. Montgomery label, you'll find a handful of posts featuring my love for all things Emily Starr (and Anne Shirley, of course). Every now and again, I find that Montgomery's stories are the best things to lift my spirits whenever I'm feeling down or blue. They're just, to say it simply, perfect.

Amber Rose said...

You are such a beauty. :)

Anthea said...

Love the outfit, love the stone wall, love everything!

Embracing Style

hiven said...

love these.
your 'about me' / profile bit is adorable

lahti shirley said...

so sweet you are! cute,cute :9

shirley Brazil and Sweden.

Chubby-but-Lovely said...

That outfit looks great on you. I really like that wall also.

yiqin; said...

I love your sandals :)

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Diana said...

this is such a sweet outfit! i love its simplicity and the subtle detailing is gorgeous :) i think it is sometimes more stylish to be simple than to put a million different items and accessories on - plus you look gorgeous!! i'm definitely jealous of all of your traveling! i love seeing your pictures :) also, i could have sworn i was a follower! i hope you'll forgive me :( i have just followed you on bloglovin - xo

Isabelle said...

love that skirt, really cute outfit!!x

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

Such simple, sweet, cool, chic outfit. I like the skirt, top, sandals, bag everything. Very classic.
Do visit Delhi sometime and allow me to show you around.

Imogen said...

Your so sweet. I love this classic outfit and you have some lovely pictures.

CAITLIN said...

I love stealing from my mom's seventies-era closet! Also, that backdrop is fantastic. You look lovely, as always!!

Anonymous said...

I like this skirt !!