Wednesday, 4 August 2010

morning on the sands

sand and stripes of light

The second day at Puerto Vallarta was just as nice as the first, and even lazier. After breakfast I collapsed under the umbrella and didn't even bother to read, just looked up at the blue, blue sky.

For once I managed not to overpack as well. One pair of shorts and a top, one swimsuit, a playsuit, and a dress for the Saturday night. You won't be getting pictures of that one though; it was red and I was a bit red, and the overall I looked a lot like a lobster!

I can't wait until the next trip to the beach...

morning on the beach

sea gazing on sunday

tipping my hat
Hmm, if you want your hat to look elegant on Sunday, you probably shouldn't use it as a pillow on Saturday...

girl picture

wave kicking

frogs and iguanas
an iguana snacks among the frog mariachi statues!

playsuit: Zara; necklace and hat, my sister's; sandals (in hand) Aldo; happiness, complete


Becoming Unfashionable said...

Love your whole outfit - so fun for a summer beach day! Your hat is absolutely adorable and looks so cute with the romper. Love it!

Diana said...

i'm so jealous you're at the beachhhh - i've only been once this year :( adorable outfit as always !

Emily, Resplendent Tranquility said...

Lazy beach days are simply the best. I'm notorious for over packing. I was proud of myself for not doing so for my latest weekend getaway. The detailing on your playsuit is so sweet. And the frog mariachis? Cute!

Last but not least, you won the giveaway on my blog for the bookends! Congrats! Flick me an email at and I'll get you set up with them :)

Amber Rose said...

Sounds like the perfect trip! And congrats on not overpacking-- that makes one of us!

Amber Rose

Closet Fashionista said...

Cute playsuit!! :D And yayy iguana, haha, he's so cool :D

the chirpy bird said...

Oh I'd just love to sink my tootsies into some soft sand right now!
xo tash

Christy said...

I love the name of your blog!
Also your romper is very cute. It makes me want to have a go at wearing a romper.

Christy of Dress Rehearsal

Rio said...

Super cute romper! I wish that I could pull them off, but I look like an umpla-lumpa in rompers since I'm so short haha! Also love that picture of the iguana and mariachi frogs! ;)

Kendr▲ said...

Great post!
Really love your images also, so much inspiration.
Will be back for more, your posts are so cool i even
went back to look at your older ones.

Hope you can check out mine, i think you'd like it :)

Anthea said...

Love your playsuit and the beach looks amazing!

Embracing Style

Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

what amazing pictures, i'm jealous and that playsuit is so cute and i love your nail varnish colour on your toes! x

ana said...

Hey!!! so you live in Guadalajara!! that's nice, me too... I'm married to a Tapatío!... thanks for visiting my blog I like yours very much! I'll be around ;)

Amanda said...

Aw, this place looks amazing! I love your outfit, it's the perfect beachy outfit.

Ali said...

That sand looks exceptionally squishy and I wish I could be stepping on it right now. :) Cute beach outfit!~

Krystal said...

it looks soooo pretty! love the pics :)

Chaucee said...

That hat is simply adorable. And it sounds like you're having a good time!

Lee Oliveira said...

OMG.. I love your photos! This place is heaven Emily!
Love your outfit.. I'm sure you r standing out more than the other people..

Ashley said...

Your outfit is GREAT :)

That whole setting looks perfect, absolutely perfect!

Fashion-rocks said...

great pics